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Middle-earth: Shadow of War apk –  Hello, all gamers! I’ve never posted a post on a Picaboo before, but now I’ve decided to try it out. Anyway, I think everybody’s heard of it, and a lot of people had time to play a game like Middle-earth: Shadow of War. I played the last part with the subtitle “Shadow of Mordor,” and I’m a big fan of Tolkien’s universe, so I was looking forward to the release of “Shadow of War”.

As everybody knows, the peculiarity of this game is the “Nemesis” system, where every orc remembers your meeting with him, everyone has their character, disagreements, etc. Everyone, this system generates a variety of stories about the relationship between orcs and the player. It’s one of those stories that happened to me that I want to tell you. It all started with the fact that I was ambushed by one of the captains when I was traveling on my property. This captain gave his name (I, unfortunately, didn’t remember him), and then, after telling the story of how I cut off his head there once, but he was able to rise again, he took the nickname “Ar-Hissu Show” (I’m Hz, which means).

Well, I got into such a situation a lot, so I decided to finish him off faster and then move on to the world. But it so happened that I lost to him! The most important thing is that he didn’t kill me, but only humiliated me, and then left, calling me the bottom. There was no limit to my rage! For such rudeness, I decided to avenge him by killing him immediately. When I recovered, I went to see him. When I came to his camp, I attacked this Uruk and lost to him again (again, he didn’t kill me. In general, for all my meetings with him, he shot me maximum two times, and I had about 20 sessions with him)

I’m back on track, and I’m off to the fight! I lost it again! Over and over again, over and over again, everything was going on and over again, and I kept coming to him to fight, hoping for a change. It was like crazy! At some point, I loved it! Every time we met, this great lesson could say something interesting, funny, or remember our last fight. I started going to battles with him quite often. After killing another captain or making a quest, I went to Ar Hisses for a match. I wasn’t hoping to beat him anymore, and I didn’t go to those battles to win, I just didn’t. I had a lot of fun because it’s cool when in a game, your sworn enemy AI can kick your ass, remember how beautifully you merged with him the last time. I loved it!

I even began to help him with some of his raids on other orcs In all our fights, he’s been promoted from level 16 to 37. Naturally, every new fight, he took me out faster and faster. I knew I’d have to kill him someday. And sometimes, before the match, he talked about the fact that we were both immortal, that we could never die and would fight forever. Once, I was in a terrible mood. I sat and played Shadow of War and met my old friend again. As always, I leaked it to him. That’s when I had the fart bombing and decided to kill this hand once and for all, I decided to “crush him with my heel”!

This time, I’ve prepared myself very well, I’ve thought through all the plans for the retreat,he places where you can set up karagoras on it, etc. I sent him a “death threat” with the help of one of the orcs and went to the place of the match. When we got there, the fight started. It was hardcore! Not only was he doing massive damage with his hammer, but he could also still poison the victim. Several times I thought he was about to kill me! But still, I was lucky, and I was somehow alive. At one point, I missed one of the blows, and I flew in a lot.

I, all wounded, started running away and decided to climb the nearest tower and breathe. When I was at the top, that big guy started climbing up my ass. I pulled out my bow, pulled a bowstring, and when he climbed to the top and got ready to hit, I fired an arrow right between his eyes! He flew down, and after a couple of seconds, his breathless body was lying on the ground. He finally retired. I am very offended because I am used to this orc. I had fun “spending” time with him. And although I got the legendary Luta, I was still unfortunate.Of course, there’s a chance we’ll see him again in the future, because he may well be resurrected again. But I think it’s unlikely. This was probably his last fight!

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