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Opis BitLife Life Simulator

BitLife mod apk (Odblokowany) is an original and fascinating project, a life simulator. After all, no one will refuse to go through life again, taking other, more correct actions. Cute minimalistic design, the serious philosophical subtext of the gameplay, and much more, which makes you think about reality, make this game a must for all players. Whether they like it or not is another question.

BitLife cheats is an elaborate simulation game that invites the player to live a whole life when he is born. All decisions made by the player lead to consequences and allow you to change your life for the better or vice versa, to make it not so simple, but at the same time enjoyable.

After starting the game, the first information is that your character’s name is his gender. After that, you learn his country of birth, who his parents are, and much more. The protagonist’s occupation is not so fascinating in the first few years, as the child learns the world and plays. Naturally, the game features and the circle of communication will increase from year to year, opening up new features.

All gameplay takes place in text format in the game menu. The player has the right to decide his ward, who he goes to school, his friends, acquaintances, and who he will eventually grow up with. Occupation depends directly on the chosen interests and goals. Remember that only your decisions change the outcome of events and how the future of the hero. So live your life from the first day to the last, don’t regret anything.

Why you should pay attention to BitLife apk:

  • Huge choices.
  • You decide your destiny.
  • Quality dialogues.
  • Nice graphics.
  • Good optimization.

Pobierz BitLife Life Simulator Mod (Odblokowany)

Pobierz BitLife Life Simulator v3.4.1 Mod (Unlocked) (157,1 MB) Pobierz BitLife Life Simulator v3.3.1 Mod (Unlocked) (156,5 MB)
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