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The description of Real Car Speed: Need for Racer

The presented game is designed for fans of speed and drive.  For their offspring, the developers of Real Car Speed: Need for Racer have chosen a model that is a mixture of simulation and arcade games. The result was a fairly realistic and multi-mode game, for which the gamer may well have a good time. But there are some shortcomings, you can start with them. So graphics Real Car Speed ​​is implemented at a fairly mediocre level. To be objective, it does not cause any special negative emotions. But still its level is far from top. The indicated minus is excellent physics, it has no bugs, so everything happens according to the laws of this science.

Another moment not adorning Real Car Speed ​​is not a very large number of sports cars in the park. There are only 6 of them, in general, to chase is enough, but the needs of many gamers are higher. There are also pluses, so the sports cars themselves are quite picturesque and one can say nice to the eye.  In addition, they can be customized, perform settings. Again, there are few tracks – only 4. Although there is nothing more to complain about, since the picture, again, is quite realistic, which is in demand. And their configuration is interesting, but for those who love the variety of the specified number of tracks it will not be enough, as repetitions are often found.

If all the above disadvantages of a gamer do not frighten, then the game is quite able to bring pleasure from the process.  In addition, all the disadvantages can be eliminated by developers in one global update. And this may well happen, since Real Car Speed ​​is a new product on the market. In addition to excellent physics, developers can boast a pleasant interface of their game. The soundtrack is made at a good level, it is quite realistic and contributes to improving the perception of the game process.

There are several game modes. For example, everyone can drive on the selected track with their friends.  To do this, select the multiplayer function. There is also a reward system, but there are only a few of them, just 8. That, too, most gamers who like racing will not be impressed. The developers have provided a table of records, so the results of the participants will not be forgotten.

Control of sports cars is quite understandable, but imperfect and requires addiction. Although it is possible that the developers will make changes to the algorithm, if they identify a large number of unsatisfied gamers. As a result, you can specify that Real Car Speed ​​is quite a promising product that will be able to please fans of racing.

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