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Block City Wars mod apk for Android – have you ever thought about the world of GTA in Minecraft? Yes? Then this game is for you. You can not continue to read and install immediately. If there are people who do not know one of the above legendary games, then – the details. This game is a pixel shooter for Android, made in the mega style of the popular game Minecraft (i.e., everything is done in retro graphics when everything is square and pixel). The game takes place in Block City, where the real war is just unfolding in the streets.

You can do what you want: if you wish to – rush through the streets, just run or complete missions, if you’re going to – fight in a multiplayer battle. Or maybe play the game in survival mode. In short – you have complete freedom of action. We give you a free shopping mode – it will come in handy anyway. Try it. Suddenly this is the game you dreamed about?

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Lataa Block City Wars Mod (Raha)

Lataa Block City Wars v7.2.3 Mod (Money) (273,1 MB) Lataa Block City Wars v7.2.2 Mod (Money) (267,5 MB)
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