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La descrizione di SimCity BuildIt

Create and manage your own SimCity city model. You will be waiting for unimaginable 3D-graphics, interesting and colorful sights, lively streets and locals. Residents will point their fingers at what missions or amenities they need today. The user of SimCity BuildIt mod apk makes all the decisions, sitting in the skin of the mayor of the city, which will be created. The more people you have, the more houses, hospitals, educational institutions, universities, cafes, and various shops you need to build. The mayor will face real-time difficulties – the construction of all kinds of utilities, fire departments or police stations.

On what it is better to spend money and how in the shortest terms to eliminate fire, on these questions you should answer for yourself. To make the life of your residents more comfortable, you also need to supply water to each house. You will also be able to create various gambling facilities, such as casinos, that would allow the citizens to find time to rest.

In the game, you will need to allocate special residential areas for the construction of apartments, where people arriving in the city, will move into their apartments. However, in addition to allocating space for construction work, you need to provide the most important resources to people coming to the city on a regular basis. Ultimately, the user will need to create resources in special factories to regulate the production of goods. And when users of old, and pretty worn-out vans will want to change their homes, the players will have to put on the flow of creating additional resources and items.

Schools, universities, parking areas, power plants – all this will be built and improved for simoleons, which are game money. Well, and after that, the gameplay in Simcity will start to move along the standard game mechanics, when a lot of resources are required, but you can’t provide them with your production at the moment. Here you will have to devote more time to your city, trying to increase production. Also, players will always face various surprises – fires, traffic jams, rising taxes, and many other problems. You will need to find a balance to make your citizens happy.

Your city will turn into a huge metropolis in slow steps, and to get the planned, it will take a lot of work, and the restless users measured pace of the game can quickly get bored. It is clear that freedom of action will be limited. However, those users who have never played in the version for personal computers will remain satisfied with this game, and only connoisseurs of the original source will immediately notice the missing details.

That’s what the developer’s studio has done for the glory, it’s the image of its brainchild. The angle of the camera can be rotated in any direction, which makes it possible to view the metropolis from a comfortable side, and there is also a view from a bird’s eye view. The control is realized clearly, and there are no difficulties in the work.

The output turned out to be a very high-quality simulator, if you consider the application as an original game, not comparing with the original source, so those who like to build and manage – this simulator will be to taste. After all, it is not for nothing SimCity BuildIt cheats is located on the highest positions in the ranking of GooglePlay, has good marks and positive comments.

The main features of the SimCity BuildIt hack application:

  • Great opportunities for construction.
  • Various difficulties that add interest in the game.
  • Qualitative details of the objects.
  • Natural disasters that you will have to cope with.

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Scaricare SimCity BuildIt v1.43.1.106491 (Original Google Play) (148,4 MB) Scaricare SimCity BuildIt v1.42.5.105730 (Original Google Play) (148 MB) Scaricare SimCity BuildIt v1.42.1.105235 (Original Google Play) (148 MB) Scaricare SimCity BuildIt v1.42.0.105125 Mod (Unlimited Money) (149,9 MB) Scaricare SimCity BuildIt v1.41.2.103600 Mod (Unlimited Money/Gold) (148,6 MB) Scaricare SimCity BuildIt v1.41.2.103600 Mod (Unlimited Money/Gold) (148,6 MB)
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