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Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Mod (Unbegrenzte Münzen)

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Die Beschreibung von Flight Pilot

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D mod apk (Unbegrenzte Münzen) is a new flight simulator in which you will need to experience a variety of aircraft types, starting with simple models and ending with flights on complex military units. The first mission will pass between control points, which you must fly in a simple plane. The player will also learn how to control these machines and actions to take in unexpected situations.

What is interesting about the Flight Pilot Simulator mod apk game is that the missions offered for execution are quite different. Only yesterday, you were floating in the clouds, and today you are carrying out rescue activities that require saving the lives of all the people caught in a strong storm that destroyed their ship. You will need to find a person or fly through a special point. There are also funny mission races in the game, where you must fly fast through different objects and prove that you are the best pilot.

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D free has a lot of interesting missions to complete. For example, you will need to cross all the marks designed in the form of bright circles. Then, steer the aircraft, we will be using the simplest tilts of the phone. On the right side, there is a lever to increase flight speed and on the left side of the display is a dashboard that displays radar and speed. You can find the icon with the brake in the middle part of the display. In addition to the main labels in front of you will also appear stars, which you will need to collect. The correct maneuver towards these checkpoints promises you a lot of game currency, which in the future will buy a variety of devices from the store, as well as new prototypes of aircraft. The simulator has gained quality space detailing, but it all looks a little dull, as if the developers forgot about the saturated colors and all the time „roam“ thunderstorm clouds and fog. A very interesting factor in the game is that along with the player’s aircraft in the sky. There are many other aircraft from which you must stay away because the collision will mean automatic loss.

Merkmale Flight Pilot mod apk:

  • Eine große Anzahl verschiedener Szenarien für die Entwicklung der Geschichte: Transport von Passagieren von einem Ort zum anderen, Aufgaben zur Rettung von Menschen, etc;
  • Zahlreiche Flugzeugmodelle: von alten Propeller-Vertretern mit einem Motor bis hin zu neuen Jägern und großen Passagierflugzeugen;
  • Viele unterhaltsame und herausfordernde Aufgaben, die nach und nach in verschiedenen Modi zu erledigen sind;
  • Spannendes Gameplay, das mehrere Modi kombiniert;
  • Feinfühlige Steuerung durch die Drehung des Geräts;
  • Hochdetaillierte 3D-Grafiken und atemberaubende Fluganimationen.

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