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The description of Defenders 2: Tower Defense

Defenders 2: Tower Defense Strategy Game – the second edition of a restless strategy that managed to put together elements of card games and recognizable Tower Defense in the right balance. The game will send us to the lost lands, for which the troubled times have come. In this world came disgusting and very angry monsters, with whom you will fight with the help of rare magic items. But not only the above-described creatures will act as implacable opponents in the game, but also the same users, like you, who want to get rich quick and improve their position, at the expense of your honestly earned money, in principle, like you. In the future, you will be able to explore a huge number of locations and comprehensive difficulty modes that were introduced by developers for true fans of this genre!

Having found all twenty spells and collected forty types of towers, the player will be able to build the most impenetrable line of defense of the castle, which later can be further upgraded and defended using magic runes. Properly use the items obtained against magical phantoms, evil creatures, and incredibly strong commanders, constantly increase the boundaries of the land, regularly fight in online sparring sessions, and also use weather changes in your needs to make the upcoming battle even more fierce and dynamic. In Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG, the main thing is not just to destroy the monsters, but also to constantly protect the land from the raids of other users. The vibrant atmosphere of strategy, creatures, other players, the variety of available modes and the infinite possibilities for planning a future strategy, in which every detail needs to be taken into account.

Collect the entire deck, which will include the best towers and the strongest spells. Call upon the hordes of phantoms, with whose forces it will be a very simple matter to win the next enemy. Everything has been thought out to the smallest detail, although the fights themselves are standard in their content: you need to set and work out the characteristics of the towers, not to give in to the onslaught of the defensive structures in order to earn valuable rewards and not to spend too much vital energy. Graphics Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG creates the effect of a real presence, which is very nice, especially if you play online.

The creators with all diligence approached the drawing of miniature models of characters and effects. The spectacle is indescribable, and the sound line is registered simply amazing. During a difficult battle, the music tunes in a special way, which only adds to the excitement. You, on the other hand, want to listen to her all the time and watch the creatures who are trying to break through your defense die.

Key features of Defenders 2: Tower Defense Strategy Game:

  • Amazing animation, observed in every detail;
  • Easy management, from heroes, to the creation of buildings;
  • The variety of levels and prizes for their passage;
  • Awesome drawing, as the main actors, and their enemies;
  • Advanced weapons that will change from level to level.
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