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The description of Episode Choose Your Story

Episode mod apk – Choose Your Story is a great entertainment game with a vast base of stories from different genres and themes such as friendship, love, adventure or mysterious adventures. The game is free, but you will need an Internet connection to play it.

In this article, we present you the latest version of the game with all currently available episodes. Also, we have a modification for you. In this fashion, you can use an unlimited number of gems, so you can easily unlock all the episodes of the stories.

Episode mod apk gameplay – Choose Your Story

The Episode is a game that tells stories. If you have ever played a game of the same genre, it is elementary to get used to mechanics. First, the player will choose your favourite theme and will play the role of the main character of this story. Dialogue is in the spotlight. Most dialogues will automatically display that players can not interfere.

In some situations, players will have to choose a dialogue or decide to act for your character. A decision or a replica that you have made can make the story move in a new direction. You can piss someone off or make friends with them. It all depends on your choice. You can then replay the Episode and perform another action to see how the story unfolds with a different choice.

Episode – Choose Your Story

Open up the stories. There are a lot of stories in the game. They are created in different styles, with different storylines and their characters. As for the stories, they all belong to different genres. You can choose the stories from specific genres, without exploring them all.

At the moment “Episode – Choose Your Story” has all eight genres: drama, fantasy, romance, comedy, action, adventure and thriller. As you can see, all categories are different, and each of them has unique features.

Unlock the episodes

The gem is the only currency in Episode. It helps players to buy outfits or open essential decisions. These decisions will lead the story to a more exciting ending. Also, gems are tough to earn. You can get them when you finish some or all of the history. The amount is quite small. If you want more gems, you can buy them in the game store or by downloading our modification.

Also, each story includes many episodes. Not all of them are unlocked from the beginning. Usually, you can play only the first few episodes in each story. If you want to continue, you need to have so-called “passes”. The skips have a yellow “Play button” icon, which is the key to opening the story. Like gems, you can buy “passes” in the game store.

The game also allows players to get passes for free by performing tasks. You can check the task list by clicking on the scroll icon in the bottom right corner. These tasks are easy to complete, such as reading four chapters in a specific time. However, the number of tasks is quite small. So the number of passes you can get is limited.

Don’t worry if you liked this game, but you don’t have enough gems to unlock everything. We will provide you with the latest version of Episode – Choose Your Story mod and modification to it. This version has already unlocked everything for free, and also has an unlimited number of gems from the beginning.

Create your own story

You can create your own story and publish it for other players. To attract the attention of many people, your story must be beautiful and unique. So, how do you get ideas for your story? One way to know how many players are interested in individual stories is to access the genre of stories. Stories that many people watch will appear in the first section. Also, you can find the most popular stories in the “What’s new this week” section. Participation in the community of the game is also an effective way to find out what stories are popular.

Thousands of other players can read your story. It would help if you remembered that the lines in history should be short and without grammar errors. Unfortunately, you cannot create stories in Russian. Only in English. So that your story can attract more players, you can share it on social networks or send it to your friends.

Player Profile

Each player can create his profile. You can choose the floor, customize your outfit and appearance. Many different emotions help players create expressions for their characters. With these emotions, your character can perform funny actions. Animated emotions help the player profile to become more vivid and attractive.

Conclusion. Download Episode Choose Your Story mod apk?

If you like to read exciting stories, then Episode – Choose Your Story is a perfect choice. Stories are well presented as a movie. It helps the gaming features become more realistic.

Download Episode – Choose Your Story mod

Download Episode Choose Your Story v11.90.0 (86,2 MB) Download Episode Choose Your Story v8.00.0 (Unlocked) (50,5 MB)
On our site you can easily download Episode Choose Your Story.apk! All without registration and send SMS! With good speed and without virus!

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