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The description of Undertale Mod for MCPE

Addendum on popular Undertale mods tool world characters – Sansa, Guster, and Chara. Maude Sans 2 introduces heroes to the world of Meinkraft. Earlier, we have already published an assembly with one of the creatures, and the add-on is available here. If you don’t know who Sans is yet, then this is one of the critical Minecraft Undertale mod characters that become the enemy if you are on the path of destruction or a friend if you are on the path of a peaceful inhabitant.

In the block world, the Mob is so powerful that it can kill all the monsters alone. The creature has received four types of attack, while he evades any attack and has an infinite amount of health.

Orange Bones

After such an attack, the player becomes several times slower, which means he can quickly get fatal damage.

White Bones

The most frequent type of attack, which does not inflict much damage but slows down quickly.

Blue Bones

Dangerous stuff that can get a player in the air. It will be difficult to survive a fall after such a thing, so be careful.


I was thrown by Sens directly at the user. Does a lot of damage.

Blaster Guster

Sansa’s friends were coming to the rescue. They deal a lot of damage when they attack, so it won’t be easy to fight off these creatures.

Behavior undertale mods

  • If your level is above 19, then Sens will attack you.
  • It is impossible to kill a mob in normal mode, but it can be removed using the command block on it
  • Attack the creature will play music from Undertale mod for Minecraft pe.
  • In survival mode, no one can damage Sansa as he evades any shells.

Sans’s Second Stage

If Sens can’t kill his target in one minute, he’ll go to stage two and start spinning many blaster gasters.

Chara and Frisk

The cute girl in the screenshot below is called Frisk, but Chara completely took over her mind, so she became a deadly killer.

Mob uses bloody knives to kill his victims. If Frisk sees his victim, he’ll immediately turn into Charu.

Bloody knives

  • They slow the player down and make escape impossible.
  • Bloody spikes
  • Similar to knives, the user is slowed down.
  • Domestication of Moba

Moba uses its knife to domestication, which can be obtained by entering the command /give @s Chara: item. The behavior of tame Moba reminds the wolf: Chara will attack any enemy.

Sansa mode undertale mod

Use the command /function sans mode to enable sans mode. In this mode, the player will become Sansa himself. But remember that you are not immortal, but you can dodge any shells.

If your strength comes close to zero, then you will be very slow and vulnerable. The strip of power recovers every second. The player can use all of Sansa’s abilities.


  • Damage: 1 unit
  • Consumption: 1 power
  • Guster Blaster
  • Damage: 1 + 3 units from burning
  • Consumption: 3 forces
  • Blue hearts
  • Damage: 1+2 throwback units
  • Consumption: 2 forces
  • Teleport
  • Damage: 0 units
  • Consumption: 3 forces


This course allows you to control gravity

This accelerates the gain of force.

When using an object, the mobiles will start to soar and fall, breaking to death.

Green Heart

  • It appears only in a sentencing mode
  • All mobiles will soar for five seconds.
  • Damage: 1+3 units from a fall.
  • Consumption: 3 forces

The command /tag @s remove sans is prescribed to disable the Sans mode.

Sens error 404

An even stronger look of Sansa, but with some mistakes. Hostile to the player.

Uses the same abilities as a regular Sens. The bones do 100 damage.

Guster blaster deals 200 damage units.

The Mob can ruin the game, so be careful. To kill Mob, prescribe a team /kill. The creature also got a second stage, which you should know about yourself.


The secret boss of Undertale. Not as friendly as Sens, so he’ll attack everyone.

In the first stage, the mob attacks with gaster blasters and black particles.

If the boss doesn’t kill his target within 12 seconds, he’ll go to stage two. In doing so, the boss will fly and spawn phasers. It’s going to be very difficult to approach him.

Download Undertale Mod for MCPE

Download Undertale Mod for MCPE v1.5 (2,6 MB)
On our site you can easily download Undertale Mod for MCPE.apk! All without registration and send SMS! With good speed and without virus!

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