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Apk name Minecraft
MOD info Unlocked/Immortality
Size 760,5 MB
Publisher Yura
Genre Arcade
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Requirements: Android 5.0+
Update Date: 30.04.2024
Rated for: 7+ years
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The description of Minecraft

Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod Apk for Android and iOS allows players to customize and enhance their mobile Minecraft experience. With mod apps, you can add new textures, skins, worlds, and gameplay mechanics not available in the base game. Mods have been an integral part of the Minecraft community since the game’s release. As the version of Minecraft mod apk expanded to mobile platforms, mods followed.

A Brief History of Minecraft Pocket Edition Modding

Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) launched in 2011, bringing Minecraft to mobile for the first time. Early on, modding options were limited on mobile. But as devices became more powerful, modding MCPE became possible. The first MCPE mods with unlimited resources emerged around 2014, allowing players to add simple tweaks like texture packs. More complex scripting and behavior mods appeared over the next few years.

By 2016, major mods like IndustrialCraft PE brought extensive new content to MCPE. Today, the MCPE Android device supports add-ons and behavior packs to customize worlds, mobs, items, and more. An active modding community continues to push the limits of what’s possible in mobile play Minecraft.

Why Mod the Minecraft Pocket Edition game MOD APK?

Modding MCPE allows for endless customization and new experiences:

  • New textures and visuals to refresh the look of the game’s 3D graphics
  • Exciting new mobs, blocks, biomes, and dimensions to explore
  • Scripts and behaviors to change mob AI or add minigames
  • Quality of life improvements and new functionality

Mods let you tailor MCPE to your exact preferences. With the right mods, you can transform Minecraft into a completely different game.

Free Download and Install Minecraft latest update MCPE Mod features

To mod MCPE, you’ll need:

  • Minecraft Pocket Edition latest version
  • A file manager app to extract mod files
  • The MCPE mod apk file, addon, or behavior pack

You’ll also need to enable Experimental Gameplay in MCPE settings to use some survival mode.

Here are the basic steps to install a mode:

  1. Download latest the MCPE apk mod, addon, or behavior pack. Many can be found on sites like MCPEdl.com.
  2. Open your file manager and extract the downloaded zip file. This will give you the actual unlock files.
  3. Copy the best mod files to the appropriate MCPE folders on your device:
    • APK latest mod version files go in the /sdcard/games/com.mojang/ folder
    • Addons go in /games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/
    • Behavior packs go in /games/com.mojang/minecraftBehaviorPacks/
  4. Open MCPE and enable mods in Settings if needed. The mod features will now be active in your game!

Some mods may require extra installation steps, so always read the mod creator’s instructions carefully. With the right creative mode installed, you’re ready to enjoy a whole new MCPE experience!

Top 10 MCPE Mods for Android

Here are 10 of the best MCPE mods to try out:

Customizable Skin Mods

  • Skins PE – Try on skins from your camera roll or the internet. Easily change skins without leaving the game modified version.
  • Skin Editor 3D – Customize your own skin with deep editing options. Save and apply skins without hassle.

World Generation Mods

  • Biome Bundle – Adds over 200 new biomes with new trees, plants, and generation. Explore extra diverse worlds.
  • Cave Biomes – Creates intricate underground biome systems with unique ores. Spelunk through exciting cave biomes.

Automation and Technology

  • ComputerCraft PE – Program computers and turtles using the Lua language. Automate tasks and create systems.
  • IndustrialCraft PE – Build power generators, electric tools, and high-tech machinery to industrialize your world.

New Dimensions

  • Aether II – Venture into the Aether dimension with all new blocks, mobs, dungeons, and bosses.
  • NetherEX – Overhauls the Nether with new biomes, structures, mobs, ores, and artifacts to discover.

Gameplay Changes

  • Mutant Creatures – natural and mutated creature variants with unique behaviors and drops google play store.
  • Inventory Pets – Capture mobs as pets stored in your inventory that provide buffs and utilities.

Using MCPE Mods Pocket Edition apk

Here are some tips for getting the most out of mods in MCPE:

  • Read the mod description and documentation to understand what it adds and how to use new items or blocks
  • Explore mod configurations and settings – many mods let you customize generation rates, mob behaviors, and more
  • Use mods together for new synergies and interactions between mods
  • Share your modded worlds and creations with others
  • Report issues to mod creators for support and updates
  • Back up worlds before installing mods
  • Avoid outdated or vulnerability-prone mods that may harm your game or device

Some common troubleshooting issues when using mods:

  • Game crashes on launch – Ensure you installed mods correctly and disable/remove problematic mods
  • Mod features missing – Check Experimental Gameplay is enabled and reinstall the mod
  • Blocks, items, or mobs not spawning – Adjust mod config spawn rates or try on a new world
  • Mod behaving oddly – Remove mod, clear app data/cache, reboot device, and reinstall fresh

Have fun exploring all the amazing possibilities with Minecraft game modding! The modding community is constantly releasing exciting new mods to enhance MCPE in every way imaginable.


Minecraft Pocket Edition APK latest version modding lets you enjoy mobile Minecraft in completely new and exciting ways. With the right mods installed, MCPE transforms into your ideal customized game. Take your time browsing the many mod options to find mods that suit your gameplay style. Stay safe by downloading trusted mods, and have fun exploring all that modded MCPE has to offer!

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Download Minecraft v1.21.0.21 (Original Google Play) (760,5 MB) Download Minecraft v1.20.80.21 (Original Google Play) (760,9 MB) Download Minecraft v1.20.73.01 Mod (Mega Menu/Unlocked) (847 MB) Download Minecraft v1.20.62.02 Mod (Mega Menu/Unlocked) (770,7 MB) Download Minecraft v1.20.51.01 Mod (Immortality) (725,1 MB)
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