Dedicated server rental

Dedicated server rental is one of the oldest and at the same time expensive services of any hoster. However, with all virtual hosting, dedicated server rental services are still popular.

dedicated server

What is a dedicated server and how does it differ from the virtual?

First of all, you need to define what a dedicated server is and how it differs from VPS/VDS virtual servers.

When you rent a virtual server, you get some small set of computing power. An example can be seen in our virtual server builder: the customer selects the required number of server cores, memory, and disk space. But physically you do not get a specific hardware complex of the selected configuration, but only a part of the resources of some physical server, from which the software isolates the selected capacities for your use.

That is, if you buy a virtual server with 4 cores and 32 GB of RAM, this volume is “cut off” from a larger physical server, whose processor in reality has, for example, 16 cores and 64 GB of memory. Thus, you will still physically share the server with other clients of the data center for the sake of overall savings.

The actions of other VPS tenants will indirectly affect the performance of your part of the server, because it is impossible to isolate 100% of cores and memory. It’s all still running on one platform and one unit. rent dedicated server

Rent Dedicated Server is buying a whole server. Only you will have access to its cores, memory and hard drive, and only your actions will affect its performance and stability.

Why do I need a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are used to host high load systems or to eliminate the influence of “neighborhood” factors, which occur in case of renting a VPS/VDS. The most popular case of using a dedicated server – to rent server space for website or online store, which can experience peak loads and need a certain margin of safety. As an example of peak load can be New Year holidays or “Black Friday”.

In this case, small sites are often hosted on virtual servers, as their owners believe that they do not need excessive power. Often, one physical server hosts several sites on different virtual machines. Such hosting is also called sharing-hosting.

Such proximity is potentially dangerous: if one of the participants in such hosting will be held successful DDoS-attack, or it will face peak loads, which has not been calculated block capacity purchased virtual server, affect all users physically placed on this server.

Dedicated server is much more productive than a virtual server, albeit of similar capacity. First of all, because of its monolithic in terms of tasks. This is a decisive factor for businesses that need a stable hosting.

Dedicated server for the company

dedicated server

Another important case of renting a dedicated server is to host the software infrastructure of the company at external facilities. With the penetration of the IT segment in all areas of life, every business is now a bit of an IT company. If your organization is engaged in sales, logistics or working with a large database, you should consider buying a dedicated server for business needs. If only to speed up the work of your salespeople, accountants and other employees.

A dedicated server is ideal for hosting and working with databases: it is physically protected from outsiders, access is granted by your administrator, and the physical move the server is only to download a backup and put it in another place.Where to find a good dedicated server

If you rent a powerful enough server in the “Deltahost” company you can put it all the IT-part of your company: 1C server, databases, website, mail server organization and other specialized software, which requires computing power.

Connecting the server to the Internet

An important aspect that is often overlooked by organizations – access to the server via the Internet. Working over a local network is a familiar model from the past, which, however, already hopelessly outdated. In today’s environment, the server must have access to the outside world so that employees and administrators at any time can easily connect to it via a secure channel.

In the case of servers 1C recommends a stable connection at a speed of at least 50 Mbit / c. Located on the server company site or online store should also always have access to the outside world.

This means that if you install a server in your office by yourself, you will have to make a dedicated Internet connection to it at a separate rate, so that the traffic from employees does not overlap with the server traffic. This incurs additional costs for communication services. In this case, the Internet service provider will not provide you with any advanced network support or quickly fix possible crashes and failures on the network, as you will be just a regular customer. Also, you may encounter network congestion and slow Internet connection speeds for reasons beyond your control.

When you rent a server from Deltahost Company you get a dedicated and stable Internet channel of 100 Mbit/s for your tariff. In addition, the Company “Deltahost” works directly with the main communication providers and therefore is less prone to connection failures, and any arising network problems are promptly eliminated by the provider in the first place.

Why is renting a server more profitable than buying and installing equipment somewhere in your office?

  • You will not need to service the equipment physically, worry about uninterruptible power supply, fire safety and just isolate the server room from the strangers. Deltahost will do everything for you.
  • Renting is flexible and much cheaper than buying equipment. Servers are expensive, and if your specialist will make a mistake when buying and order not powerful enough equipment, the server will not qualitatively perform its tasks. In the case of renting such problems are excluded: you can always choose a more powerful solution and simply migrate from one server to another in one day.
  • Renting a server allows you to save on hiring technicians who will deal with its physical maintenance. Of course, a company will need an administrator who will update the software on the server and access its contents, but his functions are generally limited to this. Everything else will be done by certified Deltahost specialists, the cost of their work is already included in the rent. 4. You do not need to worry about connecting the server to the Internet, paying for communications bills and solving problems on the line, if there is an accident.
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