Dream Bathroom: Grey Is A New Black

Bathroom is a place that, in addition to its direct function, is used for relaxation and to relieve stress after a long hard day. Therefore, this room should be as comfortable, functional and beautiful as possible. With the help of colors and accessories, you can make your bathroom the hallmark of your home. In this season, designers recommend to pay attention to grey!

Modern bathrooms in grey have replaced plain white. If you choose accessories correctly and add a second accent color, your bathroom will never be dull, dull or gloomy.


Blue has always been the most popular color for the bathroom, it can be said to be timeless. This is especially true for light shades of this color. However, if you try to go beyond the blue and white options, you can breathe new life into your bathroom.

If the combination of blue and grey seems dark enough for you, try adding white as a second accent color. It will definitely refresh the room and make the overall atmosphere more relaxed. For example, you can choose a custom made bathroom sink in white color that AquaticaUSA offers in its latest collection.


Grey and white is considered a classic duet. White works well with both light grey shades and dark grey shades. To prevent the abundance of grey from overwhelming your bathroom, try using more white.


Most people don’t associate pink with a modern bathroom. If you choose a delicate pastel shade, it can harmonize perfectly with grey and make this room very delicate and sophisticated. A combination of pink and grey can create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in this room.


This is not the most common color combination, but, if you choose the right shade of green, you can get a very stylish and trendy bathroom. Dark and too bright colors should be avoided here. Try opting for pastel muted green and light grey. Also, light grey goes well with olive and lemon colors.


Orange is a favorite of many bathroom designers in 2022. Orange hues can add energy and transform a grey room. Orange is a very lively and cheerful color. This means that you are guaranteed a good mood when you visit the bathroom.


Gold elements look great in grey bathrooms. This is true for both light and dark grey shades. As a rule, the gold color is used in accessories: heated towel rails, plumbing fixtures, decorative elements, etc.


Despite the fact that grey and brown are heavy colors and many are in no hurry to combine them, designers have quite often started using these two colors in the interior of bathrooms. If you add wood furniture to a grey bathroom, it will look very natural. Such combinations are very popular in minimalistic Scandinavian style.


Black has long ceased to be a rogue in the interior of the bathroom. Black sinks and bathtubs will be a great addition to the light grey interior of this room. By the way, white is often used as a third shade in such bathrooms to soften the transition from grey to black and make the contrast smoother.

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