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Apk name eFootball 2024
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Size 2,5 GB
Publisher Yura
Genre Competitive multiplayer
Last Version: 8.3.1
Requirements: Android 7.0+
Update Date: 23.02.2024
Rated for: 3+ years
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The description of eFootball 2024

eFootball 2024 is the latest installment in the classic action soccer game series, featuring the most up-to-date player condition ratings and team rosters. With eFootball 2024’s release in 2023, players can experience the next generation of digital soccer and take their dream team to the pinnacle of the sport.

The game allows you to build your dream team, play against friends, compete in various events, and bring home the trophies. Whether you want to manage a top club or create a national squad – eFootball 2024 puts you in the heart of the action. Let’s explore what’s new and exciting in eFootball 2024!

Key Features Of eFootball 2024

Authentic Teams And Players

eFootball 2024 contains licenses for famous clubs like FC Barcelona, Manchester United, FC Bayern München, and their genuine players. Apart from FC Barcelona, you can also play with licensed emblems of national teams as well as club teams from South America and Asia.

The game leverages real-time data to ensure player condition ratings and team rosters are frequently updated. This keeps the experience fresh and engaging throughout the season. Sign special players such as Featured Players and Standouts from actual fixtures to boost your squad.

Build Your Dream Team

One of the most enjoyable aspects of eFootball 2024 pes is creating your ultimate dream team. Scout and sign players that fit your desired tactics and style of play. Also, brand your team with the latest customization items to make it truly yours.

Use the new sort and filter functions to easily narrow your search for players. Sign managers who are adept at all sorts of tactical approaches with different coaching skills. Test your skills against the AI or take on your friends to see who has built the better squad!

Exhibition Match

Play casual exhibition matches with any team to enjoy eFootball the way you want. The real-time competition with the division-based ranking system pits you against worthy opponents.

Also, use the friend match feature to play against your friends and enjoy some heated local multiplayer action. Cooperative matches up to 3 vs 3 are also available, allowing you to work together with friends and develop your skills.

Tour Events

Participate in a variety of Tour events that coincide with the real-world soccer calendar. Match conditions in Tour events recreate atmospheres found in actual competitions. Win events to earn rewards that you can use to further strengthen your team.

Special players also appear in Tour events, giving you another opportunity to sign top talent. The different event types will test your abilities and keep gameplay engaging across the season.

Master League

Master League makes its return in eFootball™ 2024, providing an even deeper team management experience. Scout for promising young talent or make marquee signings to overhaul your squad. Develop your players by having them play in matches and by using Training to improve their attributes.

Unsure about which category you should develop? Use the Auto Allocation function to have progression points allocated automatically. Take your carefully constructed Master League team to the top by winning trophies across multiple seasons!

Belgium Will Not Have Access To Loot Boxes

In compliance with Belgian gambling laws, users playing eFootball 2024 in Belgium will not have access to loot boxes that require eFootball coins, the in-game currency. This ensures the game provides a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.

Game Modes

With a variety of game modes, eFootball™ 2024 offers something for all fans of the beautiful game:

  • Exhibition Match: Jump into a game with the team of your choice against AI or human opponents. Great for quick soccer action.
  • Tour Event: Authentic events mirroring real competitions with special versions of players available.
  • Master League: Become a manager, scout talent, and lead your club to glory over multiple seasons.
  • Friend Match: Face off against friends in local multiplayer showdowns.
  • Online Quick Match: Get matched against opponents instantly and climb the leaderboards.
  • Co-op: Play cooperatively with up to 3 friends against the AI or other users.

Enjoy The Fever Pitch In eFootball 2024

With eFootball 2024 releasing in 2023, Konami aims to provide the most immersive and entertaining soccer experience yet for fans around the world. Key upgrades and additions include:

All-New Game Engine

eFootball 2024 utilizes an all-new game engine built from the ground up. Players can expect more realistic player animations and responsiveness, taking the on-pitch action to new heights. Stadium atmospheres are more vibrant with crowds that respond to the action on the field.

Enhanced Tactics

The tactics system sees significant improvements for eFootball 2024 mod. More tactical options allow managers to carefully craft strategies around player skills and weaknesses. Switch between various formations and attacking/defending styles to outsmart your opponent.

Commentary Update

Fresh English and Japanese commentary add variety to matches in eFootball 2024 apk. Hear analysis on crucial plays as they unfold and feel the drama heighten.

New Animation Capture

Leveraging advanced motion-matching technology, new animation capture brings stellar moves from real-life players into the game. Fluid dribbling, clinical finishing, and bone-crunching tackles heighten the realism.

Free-To-Play Base Game

In a first for the series, the base eFootball 2024 experience will be available as a free download. Core game modes can be enjoyed without paying anything upfront.

Frequent Live Updates

Once eFootball 2024 8.1.0 is live, the game will be continually updated to enhance the experience. Everything from player rosters, and team tactics to in-game events will evolve during the season via live updates.

The Future Is Now For Digital Soccer

Konami aims to deliver unparalleled gameplay that captures the essence of the beautiful game with eFootball 2024. Players can experience the passion and excitement of top-tier soccer through new-gen visuals and animations powered by the proprietary game engine.

Whether you want to play fast-paced online matches, battle friends in local co-op, or manage a club over multiple seasons, eFootball 2024 puts you right in the heart of the action. With licenses for some of the biggest clubs and leagues plus frequent live updates, the game provides an authentic soccer experience that evolves.

As the latest installment in the long-running soccer game series, eFootball 2024 represents the future of digital soccer. The improvements to gameplay and graphics allow you to control your players with greater precision than ever before. Heightened realism sees professional footballers come alive on the pitch with their unique traits and playing styles vividly recreated.

When Can You Start Playing?

Konami has announced that eFootball 2024 will launch worldwide in 2023 as a free digital download on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10, and PC Steam. iOS and Android versions are also planned for mobile gamers.

Players eager to hit the grass early can check for an open beta or early access version of the game before release. This presents an opportunity to try eFootball 2024 ahead of time and provide feedback to Konami for shaping the final launch.

Following the standard edition release, Konami will continue supporting the game through regular live updates throughout the 2023/24 season. New player rosters, leagues, events, and other content will be added to keep things fresh.

Overall, the future looks exciting for fans awaiting the next big leap in soccer gaming. eFootball 2024 promises to immerse players in the pulse-pounding action of the world’s game when it launches in 2023. The free-to-play base experience will give you plenty of modes to enjoy without spending a dime.

Preparing For eFootball 2024’s Launch

As launch day approaches, here are some tips to get ready:

  • Pre-register on the eFootball website for updates and to claim bonus in-game items at release.
  • Watch announcement trailers and gameplay videos to see the new animations and features in action.
  • Study changes to formations, tactics, and player roles to plan your dream team.
  • Stockpile eFootball Coins if you wish to obtain certain players quickly.
  • Clear your calendar for launch weekend to dive right in and play.
  • Buy any necessary hardware upgrades to enjoy the cutting-edge graphics and gameplay.
  • Lobby friends to form a local multiplayer group and organize derby days.

With each new entry, the eFootball series reaches ever greater heights in recreating the beautiful game digitally. eFootball 2024 promises to be the most impressive installment yet, with huge improvements across the board that will enhance every mode of play. The future of interactive soccer gaming is bright indeed.

Strap on your boots, get ready to race down the wing, and score screamers into the top corner. eFootball 2024 is coming…

With groundbreaking improvements across the board, eFootball 2024 represents a giant leap forward for soccer gaming. The free base experience will give you plenty of modes to enjoy without spending a dime. Get ready to lace up and dominate the pitch with your ultimate dream team when eFootball 2024 launches in 2023!


What is the release date for eFootball 2024?

eFootball 2024 will launch worldwide in 2023 on consoles, PC, and mobile. Keep an eye out for an open beta or early access version before release.

How much will eFootball 2024 cost?

The base experience will be available as a free digital download. Optional additional content like certain players and packs will be available for purchase.

What new leagues and clubs will be included?

Specific licensed leagues and clubs will be announced as we get closer to launch. We can expect more big names alongside current holders like FC Barcelona.

Will my progression carry over from previous games?

Unfortunately, eFootball 2024 will not support the carryover of data/progression from older entries in the series.

Are national teams playable in the game?

Yes, licensed emblems for national teams from around the globe appear in the game. Take your home country to World Cup glory!

Will eFootball 2024 be cross-platform compatible?

Cross-platform matchmaking is planned to unite eFootball 2024 players on all systems for online modes. Party up with friends on any platform!

Which gameplay improvements will be seen?

The focus is on enhanced realism from new animations and physics. Expect greater freedom and control in passing, dribbling, shooting, tackling, and other mechanics.

Will my club from Master League carry over to become playable online?

No, Master League clubs cannot be used in other modes as they do not include real licensed assets. Master League is exclusively an offline experience.

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