Community APP for Android

Community APP for Android

Social networks have become an integral part of our lives. Here you can meet interesting people, meet old friends, acquaintances, find like-minded people in hobbies, read articles, watch videos, listen to music – the possibilities of social networks are truly limitless.

For users to communicate at any time and as long as they want, numerous applications for social networks have been developed: Facebook, Badoo, Instagram, Periscope and many others.

Install them on your phone or tablet, and get all the features that are also available in the basic versions:

  • chatting with friends;
  • searching for people;
  • text messaging, photos, videos;
  • ability to leave comments and ratings;
  • group subscriptions;
  • event tracking;
  • notifications, and much more.

Stay in touch with friends and acquaintances, share interesting events, photos, videos, music in real time. You need a WiFi connection or mobile Internet to use the application. You can download social networks on your Android phone on Play Market or on the website. Priloeenii do not interfere with each other, so you can use all the networks on one gadget.