Best Story Games for Android

Best Story Games for Android

For the first time the theme of historical events appeared in games-strategies. Computers at the time were weak, so the developers with the utmost perseverance created a historical two-dimensional strategy. Of these, we can highlight the interesting economic projects from Impressions Games – Pharaoh and Caesar.

Soon began to appear three-dimensional, three-dimensional projects with a view of the camera from the first or third person. Perhaps the most famous was the Assassin’s Creed franchise, in which from part to part you have to travel through different time periods – ancient Greece, revolutionary France, industrial England and even medieval Jerusalem.

From online projects I’ll immediately note the World of Tanks and War Thunder – a large-scale reproduction of the tanks of the Second World War.

Players who want to delve into epic battles, political intrigue of the Middle Ages or the world conquest of the Ancient Roman Empire should be recommended Total War lineup, where each part is unique in terms of era.

Despite the love of developers to something futuristic in recent times, still games about history continue to come out, and players download free historical games. The most anticipated game of our time with the mark “historical setting” was Mount & Blade 2, the release date is carried over from year to year. In addition, it continues to develop its Total War series, Assassin’s Creed and Anno.

Historical motifs are relentlessly used by developers even in fantasy worlds. Here and there you can see references to this or that era, from the Middle Ages to Victorian England (remember, for example, a popular for several years in a row steampunk as a subculture and a way of looking at the world).

The entire list of historical games about all the time eras can be found on this page. Download free on android and start playing historical games of any genre – that’s the motto of this lover of history.