What is cyber sport?

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In short, cybersport is a competition in computer games.

What is eSports?

What is cyber sport

Like traditional cybersports, cybersport can be of two types:

  • Team – in this case, two or more teams compete;
  • Individual – each player plays for himself.

Imagine that we are living in the infancy of football: people do not understand the rules, which are constantly changing, they regard the fun with the ball as a waste of time, and their opponents shout about rugby as the only correct sport. However, there are too many fans and it has forced the state to step in and make football a legal sport. And so football has gone from a phenomenon nobody understands for 50 years to international matches with professional players.

It is reminiscent of cybersport today, only it took less than 20 years for a similar scenario and with fierce competition for every second of potential or existing consumer’s time. The world’s biggest brands and public institutions are increasingly taking the cybersport industry by storm.

How is cybersport evolving?

What is cyber sport

Ten years ago no one took eSports seriously, but suddenly Valve came along with TI 1. It was a turning point for all disciplines, for the first time the prize pool started to be $1 million. Most teams didn’t even believe it, some ignored it.

Another 5 years later, eSports became an official sport in Russia. Now the state has also taken up the development of various disciplines. Almost every college and university has its own league where students show off their skills.

Cybersport has dozens and hundreds of options for its own modification. Whereas in classic sports nothing changes for a long time, in cybersport new disciplines appear, completely new formats (like Hearthstone), already existing games are constantly transformed thanks to patches. And the stars of the eSports world are much more down-to-earth people than many singers, actors and the same football players. It’s nice to have someone you idolize as a person you can always get in touch with, even via live-streaming chat. We could go on and on, but everyone loves cybersports in their own way.

In order for a eSports team to develop and perform well, they need to train hard. It may seem like a waste of time to some, but in fact cyber athletes work just as hard as ordinary athletes. They work from their computers for 8-12 hours a day and the tournaments are held in various countries, so players have to constantly travel.

The audience for eSports

What is cyber sport

Apart from the changes in technology the portrait of gamer in general is also changing.

While in the past only a boy-teenager was considered to be a gamer, today 45 per cent of American gamers are women. And the average age of a gamer is 34 years old.

By 2021, Millennials (the generation born between 1982 and 2004 (1985-2003 in Russia)) will reach their peak buying power and become the bulk of gamers.

By 2021, Newzoo predicts annual growth rates of around 14%. They also predict that the number of casual viewers will grow to 307 million and 250 million cybersports enthusiasts, making a total audience of 557 million.

Who is a cybersport enthusiast?

Since cybersport is equated to a sport, the question has arisen – who are the professional cybersportsmen?

A professional cybersportsman is a person who plays in one of the disciplines of cybersport in tournaments, competitions. Players earn through successful performance in tournaments. In addition, players who play for a particular organization, receive a salary, the amount of which is directly dependent on the experience and skills of the player. Age, on the other hand, is a sporting phenomenon with increasing speed and reaction time. Even an 18-year-old can earn $1 million a year.

In order for a cyber athlete to start earning good money, they need to get into a good organization.

That’s why cyber athletes have to be unrealistically motivated. You need to travel regularly to all sorts of tournaments and always perform well, take the time to sort out the moments in the game, study it, read the guides, understand the right way and the wrong way.

Reading this, one might think that anyone can pick up a mouse and in a few months lift the Aegis – The International Dota 2 winner’s cup – over their head.

Of course, that’s not the case. It takes talent, in-depth analysis within your discipline and a huge amount of effort to achieve results. The competition in eSports is probably even higher than in classic sports.

Cyber sport prize pools

What is cyber sport
What is cyber sport

Cybersport is a relatively young sport. In the early days of the industry, there were many problems with the organisation of tournaments. The payment of prize money to players was a difficult topic for professional cybersport. There is no system for regulating prize money in cybersport, as cybersport is made up of many disciplines and there is no official controlling body.

The prize pools are staggeringly large, with hundreds of tournaments in different disciplines held each year. While one city tournament may have a prize pool of only $1000, another world championship may have a prize pool of $30,000,000.

For example, Valve increases the prize pool for the main tournament of the year for Dota 2 players every year, and in 2019 it was $32,000,000.

Cyber sports disciplines

Most cybersport games are team-based, but there are also single-player games. Let us tell you about the most popular cybersport disciplines.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
  • Dota 2;
  • Hearthstone;
  • Overwatch;
  • League of Legends;
  • FIFA;
  • StarCraft 2;
  • PUBG;

The first two games are the backbone of eSports and have established themselves with fans as the brightest and most elaborate games for team competitions. 

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