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Apk name Legends of Runeterra
MOD info Full
Size 123,1 MB
Publisher Yura
Genre Card
Last Version: 05.01.017
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Update Date: 12.02.2024
Rated for: 7+ years
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The description of Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra (LoR) apk is a fresh, innovative take on the digital collectible card game genre from developer Riot Games, the creators of the smash hit MOBA League of Legends. Released in 2020 across PC and mobile platforms, LoR aims to shake up the genre with its player-friendly economy and clever gameplay innovations.

A legend Card Game Set in a Vast Fantasy World

For those unfamiliar, Runeterra refers to the vast fantasy world where the League of Legends app is set. Home to diverse races, factions, and magical locales, it forms the backdrop for the struggles between the League’s huge roster of distinct champions. LoR brings Runeterra to life in card form, recreating favorites like mage Jinx and spectral archer Kalista as collectible cards.

Key regions like pirate haven Bilgewater, icy Freljord, and Gemtech haven Zaun are incorporated too, giving each deck a distinct visual and mechanical identity. From the gothic horror of Shadow Isles to the Ancient Greek stylings of Mount Targon, Runeterra is a dynamically different backdrop that keeps things fresh.

Innovative Core Gameplay Legends of Runeterra

On the gameplay side, LoR innovates within the CCG space too. It incorporates the classic concept of champions as powerful unique cards but also allows you to level them up over rounds for an additional power boost. This creates an exciting risk/reward moment around protecting your champions long enough to unlock their full potential.

LoR also dispenses with the classic mana system seen in rivals like Hearthstone, instead allowing you to play unit cards freely each round whilst spells have their own separate cost. This gives players more freedom in deploying strategies each turn rather than struggling with a variance of early mana draws.

Achieving Success with Skill

Outside of compelling gameplay, LoR also stands out via its player-friendly economy. Rather than endlessly opening card packs hoping to unlock the rarest and most powerful options, LoR instead allows players to directly craft the exact cards they want. This reduces cost frustration and allows skilled deck building to shine over pure spending power.

Various achievements and rewards also make it relatively easy for dedicated players to assemble top decks without dropping huge amounts of cash, whilst regular balance updates and new set releases keep the meta fresh. For those who want to compete and outplay at the highest levels, skill matters more than wallet size.


In the saturated digital CCG market, LoR stands out as a unique and compelling option whether you’re an existing strategy card game League of Legends fan or completely new to Runeterra. Its innovative mechanics keep gameplay fresh and its emphasis on skill overspending makes success feel rewarding.

If you’ve enjoyed digital card games before but grew tired of the same old formulas and predatory economies, LoR is well worth your time. The game is completely free to play across mobiles and PCs, so why not download it today and see why it’s shaping up as a new favorite in the genre? With Riot’s trademark polish and regular new content updates planned, LoR has a bright future ahead as it builds its legend as a top digital CCG.


What is Legends of Runeterra?

Legends of Runeterra (LoR) is a free-to-play digital card game developed and published by Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends. It takes place in the world of Runeterra, where players battle with decks comprised of cards representing League champions, spells, and allies.

What makes LoR unique compared to other card games?

LoR has several unique mechanics that set it apart. These include a champion level-up system, free unit deployment each round, and a skill-based mana system. It also has a very generous reward system that allows players to be competitive without spending money.

How does the champion level-up system work?

As you play champions during a match, they gain experience. When they reach certain milestones, they transform into more powerful versions with upgraded abilities. This creates exciting risk/reward gameplay around keeping champions alive.

What regions and champions are available?

League of Legends universe features cards representing popular League regions like Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, and Ionia. There’s always the option to build decks around legendary champions from the League roster including Garen, Jinx, Braum, and Zed. New sets bring regular content updates.

How beginner-friendly is Legends of Runeterra?

With its free-to-play model, multiple single-player modes, intuitive mechanics, and pre-constructed starter decks, LoR is very accessible for newcomers looking to get into card games. Regular balance changes also keep the meta fluid for veterans.

What platforms can I play Legends of Runeterra on?

LoR is available on PC via the official Riot Games launcher. Mobile versions are also available for iOS and Android devices, allowing cross-platform play between PC and mobile.

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