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Attack the light apk, is a video game based on Android, iOS, and Kindle platforms. It was announced in 2014 and was released on April 2, 2015.


Stephen plays the game on his tablet when the Crystal Gems return from the mission and bring the Prism of Light, a gemstone weapon capable of conscripting the Army of Light. Stephen asks to hold her, even though Pearls fear the liberation of light. Stephen convinces her that he is not able to activate the Prism. However, he accidentally releases seven light monsters, which are sent to search for Crystal Gems.

  • Characters
  • Stephen
  • Pomegranate
  • Pearls
  • Amethyst
  • Alexandrite
  • Rosa Quartz (reference)
  • Greg Universes.
  • The army of light.
  • Places
  • Beach house
  • Indigo Cave
  • The gem field
  • Desert
  • The sunken spire of the lunar sea
  • Red Temple
  • The gameplay process

The player will have to manage a team of four gems (Pomegranate, Amethyst, Pearls, and Stephen), travel around the locations (there are five of them, each with eight levels, including battles with bosses and bonus levels), open chests and solve simple puzzles. During the passage of the team will be caught on the way to various monsters, which you need to fight. In case of victory, the player gets to experience, game currency and multiple bonuses.

In battle, characters and monsters take turns walking. Before the attacks of monsters, the player has a short period to block the attack and reduce damage. Each player’s move is limited to the stars – points that can be spent per step. At the end of each turn, the player has added 5 new leads, folding with the rest (maximum number of stars can not exceed 9) Each gem has a different attack, spending a certain amount of stars (from now on – points). The player can also use Stephen’s cheeseburger backpack, which stores bonuses falling off monsters during the game. You can also increase the power of the attack with unique items. They can be knocked out of monsters, found in chests, or bought from statues shops.

At the end of the turn, the player should press the button “finish the turn,” after which the shift will go to the computer. Unlike the player, the monsters have no restrictions on the stars, so each monster can attack once a turn (while the gems may not have enough points). Attacks can be blocked by clicking anywhere on the screen at any given time.

Each of the gems (except Stephen) has harmony points that decrease after enemy attacks. Harmony points can be increased with select items from the cheeseburger backpack, Steven’s healing abilities, or in the healing fountain. Once the value of harmony reaches zero, the gem loses its physical form and remains in the type of a gemstone. They can be restored during the battle using individual items or after the battle (they will recover on their own). The level of harmony also affects the abilities that the gems can use.

Also, the game implies a multi-level development of characters. After each battle, all gems are awarded experience points. As soon as the character gains enough points, he moves to a new level. During the transition, the player is given a choice of three characteristics to develop. You can also discover additional skills and improve existing ones.

At some levels, you can find a statue shop where you can buy icons and items that may be useful for further passage. The game currency is gained as the game progresses. If the amount of currency has reached a maximum, all other money is not added. The maximum amount of money can be increased when Steven receives a new level.

One of the updates added “Diamond mode” – in this mode, the enemies become stronger, and hints, stars during the attack are not displayed.


Stephen plays his RPG game on his tablet, going to continue to play without stopping. But when the gems come back, he throws the tablet away and goes to them. He asks the Pomegranate what she’s holding in her hands, and Pearls explains that it’s an ancient gemstone weapon, and if it’s in the hands of a powerful gem, he can command an army of light. Stephen asks if he can hold the Prism, Pearl does not approve of it, because it can be dangerous, but later agrees, citing that it can only be critical in the hands of a powerful gem. The amethyst supports this, and the Pomegranate gives the Prism to Stephen. In Stephen’s hands, the white light comes out of the Prism.

The pearls tell Stephen to stay where he is while they fight the monster. The Pomegranate strikes the first blow, and seven-colored rays break out of the White Light, which is scattered all over the world. Gems and Stephen must find all seven rays and bring them back into the Prism. In the first mission, Stephen and Crystal Gems set off to the caves to return Indigo’s Light, which escaped into the indigo cave. Gems fight with light creatures that are shaped like cave dwellers, such as scorpions, bats, moles, and armored snails.

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