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Announcement of World of Warriors forums, the mobile game’s console port from Mind Candy and the private studio Saber Interactive, was almost invisible. The project was released in the same way – in stealth mode. A kind of fighting game based on the general principle of mechanics can be remotely reminiscent of the same “Battle Royale” from Sony for PS3 and PSVITA. Only in contrast to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, the graphics here are more accessible. The arenas are flat. They do not transform, and instead of the famous game characters – the fighters of different eras and nations.

In World of Warriors hack, there are many characters, and all of them are made in caricature style with a big head and small limbs. They differ in appearance and additional characteristics, such as strength, amount of health, and armour type. The animation of blows in most of the characters is similar to each other. In general, they fight about the same weaponry – regardless of the origin and class of characters ‘ use blades and shields, which in some cases looks very strange. Especially when in the hands of some ninja, see not only katana but also the same protection.

The characters also have their natural element, which works on the principle of “stone, scissors, paper.” Fire defeats the earth. It beats the air. It loses to water, which, closing this chain, copes with light. Thus, the heroes of one element will fight more effectively with the fighters of the opposite, and before the match, you can always look at the opponent and choose the appropriate plane. You will be asked to change the heroes directly on the battlefield, but we have not found this option.

The game menu is made in a small town-hub, which moves one of our soldiers. At this location is a training arena, a tent with the general settings of the game, smithy, in which the collected resources in the battle to make items to strengthen the character, the arena for fighting on the network, as well as the hall of heroes, where the individual crystals can open new warriors. These precious stones are awarded to the player for winning battles and performing various tournament mode tasks – analogous to the multi-populated one from Injustice 2 or towers from Mortal Kombat X. Additional missions arena aren’t usually difficult. Still, they may require a specific character you haven hasn’t opened yet.

The fights take place in different arenas with traps and giant creatures contributing to the battle. There will be chests in the ring with life-enhancing delicacies, resources to create objects, and bombs that can be thrown at the enemy or titanium from time to time.

At first, mechanics seems to be full of different details, but it is effortless. Soldiers have robust, weak, and charged strikes at their disposal, which spend the endurance scale. Also, there are a couple of other sensors: the super attack indicator, which is filled with particular spheres, and the level responsible for the spontaneous magic.

You can dodge the attacks of your opponent or block the onslaught. If you press the block button right before the strike, your fighter will display the enemy blade, which will give you a couple of seconds to counterattack.

Initially, there are only three combo links in the list of moves, and the other three open as you pump. Experience is given at the end of each fight. When certain levels are reached, heroes get passive abilities, like increased damage to an inevitable attack or a chance to repel a blow during a standard blocking.

Battles are fought in several modes. The most popular is the usual team fight, in which the characters fight one-on-one, and after a knockout, a partner pops out into the arena. The other mode is all against everyone. Several characters enter the field at once, and the one who stays last wins.

Since the fighters can move freely in the location, and the camera does not change its angle, some problems. Sometimes the figure of your hero can cover the enemy so that you can see his actions. Also, in some areas, your warrior can go behind some of the scenery elements and will lose sight of them. Due to such errors in the virtual operator’s work, you can miss an unpleasant attack from your opponent.

You can download the game World of Warriors hacked by clicking on the link below.

Download World of Warriors Mod (Money/God Mode)

Download World of Warriors v1.13.1 (43,5 MB) Download World of Warriors v1.12.1 Mod-1 (17,8 MB) Download World of Warriors v1.12.1 Mod-1 (17,8 MB) Download World of Warriors v1.12.1 Mod-3 (17,8 MB)
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