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Apk name Melancholianna
MOD info Latest
Size 53,7 MB
Publisher Yura
Genre Adventure
Last Version: 1.0.0
Requirements: Android 6.0+
Update Date: 22.05.2024
Rated for: 12+ years
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The description of Melancholianna

It is a fascinating anime-style experience Role Playing Game that places you in a tantalizing, creepy realm. Players will embark on an adventure with a young protagonist who will have to escape from the grim, enigmatic penitentiary.

Melancholia mixes difficult objectives with complicated labyrinths and dangers hidden guard in a stunning, two-dimensional illustration setting influenced by enchanting anime character design. Control a small female in the unexplained penitential mill that flanks her. There’s more to this prison than meets the eye; it’s filled with mousetraps and horrors that slither into the darkness.

Play Experience

As you move deeper into the haunted asylum, you must shield your stuck female from the impending peril. Melancholianna has gradually become more complicated with increasingly hazardous territories and predacious enemies.

One of the significant advantages of this game is the artistic design of the locations. The setup is influenced by several anime distinct themes and artistic styles, and it is stunning.adopting “Melancholia’s” multifaceted and complicated tale, weaving a story that will travel you to unexpected worlds.

Every world is interconnected; every walkway and stairway conceals a concealed tale, and every choice you make will eventually influence the final outcome of the game.

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Where to Download

For Android Users: Search for “Melancholianna” on the Google Play store. For iPhone users, look for Melancholianna in the Apple App Store.

Instructions on Installing

Open the Google Play store on Android devices and the Apple App Store on iOS equipment.

  1. Search for Melancholianna by entering Melancholianna in the search field.
  2. Tap ‘Install’ on Android or ‘Get’ and ‘Install’ on iOS, and authenticate if required by the device.
  3. Once the device is installed, click ‘Open’ on the app drawer or the home screen of the device you are using.

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Mods and Customization

Melancholianna also supports a wide range of mods to enhance the entire gaming experience. Modding includes everything from simple visual packs that change the player character’s sprite into other skins to difficulty adjustments to complex mod packs with theaters of new rivals – modding can make the game unique.


Melancholianna offers some unique features that distinguish it from normal RPGs. It consists of several intricate puzzles that strengthen our logical reasoning, a powerful combat system that requires tactical moments to defeat, a tightly told story that progresses with each level cleared away, and Anime-style art that makes each character and object vibrant.

Screenshot Melancholianna

Updates and Support

This game committed to continuous growth and support. By providing timely updates with the new game, developer plan to give our customers support and resolve any bugs related to the game at the earliest convenience possible.


Melancholianna is a story that illustrates what makes anime gaming great. It is a long, largely linear narrative brimming with risk. Yet, in exchange for trekking through its eerie halls, it also emphasizes exciting combats, delightful imagery, and a dedicated, simple-to-use modding society. Whether you are an RPG enthusiast in general or a devotee of the game style, you will enjoy attempting Melancholianna.

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Download Melancholianna v1.0.0 (Original Google Play) (53,7 MB)
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