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The description of Plague Inc.

Plague Inc mod apk (Unlocked) – show intelligence and give way out of rage, destroying all humanity! You will have a wide choice of viruses, and everyone is deadly dangerous. Just take off your white coat because the game is not for pacifists, nervous, or mama’s sons. Everything turned out so plausible and convincing that the developer was summoned to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), located in Atlanta, USA, to discuss the models of diseases used in the strategy.

Passage of Plague Inc

Choose your bacteria, your country of distribution, and infect the first person. As the epidemic spreads, improve the virus by working on the genotype of a “killer creature,” discovering new properties, changing symptoms, and increasing modes of infection.

Plague Inc full apk has three levels of complexity. The choice of regime determines doctors’ work, the rules of hygiene in the country, and the isolation of patients.

How to play for Plague Inc

In Plague Inc., there are 12 types of diseases: virus, Fungus, parasite, nano-virus, Prion, and bio-weapons, Neurax worm, Necroa virus, rabies cow, Simian flu (Monkey), twilight plague. The strategy depends on the type of infection you are playing for.

How to play for the virus

The virus. Playing for the virus, you need to start with Greenland to pump its resistance to low temperatures. Symptoms should be eliminated until the vast majority of people – 80% are infected, after which instability can be studied. Pathways of infection are through water and air.

How to play for Fungus

A fungus. This disease is for patient players because Fungi spores spread slowly, so the pandemic will not grow as fast as we would like. To cope with the restriction, you need to study two additional abilities on the stratum: “Explosion of a dispute” – an instant infection of 1 country, and “Eruption of the dispute” – the disease of 5 states, selected at random.

After the emergency mode is introduced in 15 countries, it is necessary to pump to 2 levels of air and water distribution and pump resistance to a wide range of antibiotics. Up to 99% of people need to hide their symptoms before infection. Then you can study everything that relates to the lungs: from coughing to organ failure.

How to play for a parasite

A parasite. This is a hidden mode because the pests are sitting in the host’s body, not manifesting themselves in any way and not making themselves known. On the stratum of the game for the parasite, you need to learn the ability to “Symbiosis,” and then “Cough” and “Vomit,” after which the strategy of the game is strongly reminiscent of the one prescribed in the Fungus.

How to play for Prion

Prion is one step higher than previous viruses because he penetrates people’s minds, making it challenging to develop drugs and vaccines. Once you’ve started playing, add one point each for water, air, and blood, and then study the ability of Amytrophy. You will see a list of symptoms that you need to explore and enjoy the sight of humanity’s death gradually.

How to play for Nano-Virus

The nano-virus will raise the bar of gameplay. After all, it’s not just some mutated virus or Fungus; it’s a weapon carefully grown in a test tube. Doctors will already have the virus code, so only a fast mutation will help you infect the world and win. You will not be able to neutralize the scientists’ work, but you will not be able to slow down a bit, giving a head start to the “ward” – yes.

The result is

Plus: Original idea. Regularity – you can develop the game in countless ways. Three levels of difficulty. Netrebovatelstvo to space and iron.

Minuses: not detected because you will get access to all 12 viruses by downloading the full version plague inc premium apk.

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