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The exciting arcade game Stupid Zombies Mod Apk plunges us into a world where crowds of angry and reckless zombies wander around looking for a new victim. It all started a few decades ago, when a terrible virus leaked onto Earth, gradually enslaving humanity. At first, people managed to control the spread of dangerous contagion. All infected sites were declared a quarantine zone and fell into isolation. People built reliable and strong shelters for their protection. In addition, the miracle cure helped to heal the living dead. Later, the situation changed for the worse – zombies broke into people’s fortresses, and the deadly threat began to spread with lightning speed.

People turned into walking corpses wandering in search of human profit. Gradually, all sensible humanity disappeared from the face of the Earth, only the main character of the mobile game remained alive, whose role you will have to play. Now you can not be distracted for a minute, so as not to fall into the hands of the dead. To remain safe and sound will have to kill the hated zombies in droves. To do this, make sure that stocks of ammunition are not exhausted.

Interestingly, the game has a rich assortment of various weapons, ranging from an ordinary pistol, shotgun and ending with a grenade launcher. The main thing is to buy cartridges in a timely manner. There are among them unusual, which fly away from the walls and various objects. To hit the target, you must choose the correct trajectory. Shoot accurately, kill on the spot, do not be afraid of obstacles, do not let fear into your heart, and try to destroy as many dead as possible.

Application developers have tried and created several hundreds of different levels to pass. All of them are unique with respect to their design, as well as they have various thresholds of difficulty for the tasks, increasing as the player moves forward. Not everyone is able to overcome so many obstacles, go through a huge number of locations, kill more than one hundred dead corpses. This can only be done by a real fearless and invincible fighter who gets real pleasure from the game, which is simply created in order to tickle your nerves and strengthen your character.

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