Best Pet Games for Android

Best Pet Games for Android

Do you like simulation games and games about animals? We have compiled for you a selection of games with which you can literally feel yourself in someone else’s skin, taking control of various animals and going to survive in the wild. And all this – from the comfort of your couch.

Despite its niche, the simulation genre is becoming increasingly popular, including on mobile devices. After all, simulators are a unique opportunity to join the new professions and hobbies that would be long, expensive and in some cases even dangerous to master. The genre includes many categories: car simulators, flight simulators, farming simulators, various life simulators and so on – the list goes on and on.

Separately, we can highlight animal simulators. Many of us love animals, but not all can have them, and here simulators come to the rescue, allowing you to have virtual pets, look after them, train them, to participate in exhibitions and the like. Computer games offer endless possibilities, and one such opportunity – to become animals themselves, to feel what it is like to be a cat, dog or even a bear in the wild forest. About these games we will talk about.

In Google Play enough simulators of animal life, but to navigate in all this variety is difficult – the large number of options run out of your eyes. Do not worry, because we have compiled a selection of games that are worth trying in the first place. Not all of them adhere to strict realism, but if you like animals, they will still like you.