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Apk name Gangstar Vegas
MOD info Money/Diamonds
Size 2,5 GB
Publisher makcesrus
Genre Action Adventure
Last Version: 6.5.1a
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Update Date: 27.11.2023
Rated for: 17+ years
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The description of Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK is an action-adventure game developed by Gameloft that allows players to enter the crime world of Las Vegas. This modded version of the game unlocks premium features and provides an enhanced gameplay experience. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Gangstar Vegas Mod APK.

What is Gangstar Vegas Mod APK (Unlimited Money)?

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK is a modified version of the original Gangstar Vegas game. It offers players premium features like unlimited money, unlimited keys, free shopping, unlimited SP, and more without paying anything. The mod apk can be downloaded from third-party websites and installed on Android devices.

Some key features of Gangstar Vegas Mod APK:

  • Unlimited money – Players can purchase anything in the game for free
  • All weapons unlocked – Get access to advanced weapons for free
  • Infinite keys – Keys are needed to play missions and with the mod apk, you get unlimited keys
  • Infinite SP – SP is used for special skills and abilities. The modded version provides unlimited SP
  • Free shopping – Get all items in the game store for free

To download and install Gangstar Vegas Mod APK, players need to:

  • Uninstall any previous version of Gangstar Vegas
  • Download the mod apk and OBB data files from a trusted source [2]
  • Enable the “Install from Unknown Sources” option on your Android device
  • Open the downloaded files and install the apk
  • Copy the OBB data files to Android/OBB/ folder
  • Launch the game and enjoy unlimited rewards!

Gangstar Vegas APK Gameplay for Android

Gangstar Vegas offers an expansive open world for players to explore. The objective is to complete various story missions and side activities to progress through the ranks of the criminal underworld.

  • The game features over 80 main story missions spread across the city. Missions involve activities like assassinations, robberies, street racing, and more.
  • Side activities include taxi driving, firefighting, street racing, and scavenging for hidden items. This provides a fun diversion from the main missions.
  • As players complete missions, their rank improves. Higher ranks unlock new weapons, clothes, and vehicles.
  • The map is huge, covering over 9 square miles of Vegas city. Iconic landmarks like casinos, strip clubs, city hall, and airports are all rendered in high detail.
  • Realistic driving physics and vehicle damage modeling brings an immersive gameplay experience.

Some useful tips while playing Gangstar Vegas Mod APK (unlimited diamonds):

  • Make good use of the unlimited money and SP to purchase weapons, vehicles, and abilities early in the game. This makes missions much easier.
  • Focus on building a reputation first to unlock stronger weapons that aid progression.
  • Use stealth and silenced weapons to deal with enemies undetected.
  • Explore side activities to find useful collectible items that improve skills.

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK Graphics and Sound

Gangstar Vegas game world utilizes high-quality visuals and sounds to deliver an engaging experience. The game is powered by the Gameloft 3D game engine that renders detailed textures, dynamic lighting, and smooth animations.

Some aspects of the game’s graphics:

  • Detailed 3D open-world environment covering the entire city of Las Vegas
  • High-resolution textures and assets recreate real-world locations accurately
  • Dynamic day-night cycles and weather effects like rain, fog, etc.
  • Realistic character models with fluid animations and ragdoll physics

The sound design is also top-notch featuring:

  • Fully voiced story cutscenes to progress the narrative
  • Over 10 radio stations with 150+ soundtracks from various genres
  • Immersive ambient environmental sounds
  • Realistic vehicle and weapon sound effects

Compared to other open-world games like GTA, Gangster Vegas delivers a true AAA console-quality experience right on mobile devices due to its great graphics and sound design.

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK Characters

The game features a wide variety of characters that players interact with. These include:

  • Main Protagonist – Players take control of an MMA fighter who is wrongfully accused of crimes in Vegas. The objective is to clear his name.
  • Frank Veliano – The protagonist’s former mentor who helps him settle scores with criminals.
  • Karen – An attorney who assists the protagonist.
  • Antagonists – Various gang leaders and crime bosses who serve as antagonists.
  • NPCs – Random NPCs populate the world. Some provide side missions and activities.

As players progress through the story, they unlock new characters who become available as companions. These companions help in missions providing support.

Some key ways to unlock new characters:

  • Completing main story missions unlocks protagonists like Veliano
  • Improving street cred gives access to Rafi, a weapons expert
  • Completing taxi missions unlocks Nikki as a skilled driver
  • Rescuing characters trapped in emergencies across the city

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK Weapons and Vehicles

With 80+ story missions and numerous side activities, Gangstar Vegas offers players an astounding array of weapons and vehicles.


  • 50+ weapons covering all categories – pistols, SMGs, shotguns, rifles, heavy weapons and explosives
  • Real world licensed weapons like AK-47, M4A1, AWP Sniper rifle etc.
  • Upgrade and customize weapons for better performance
  • Stealth weapons like silenced guns and sniper rifles for covert ops


  • 130+ vehicles including sports cars, motorbikes, industrial vehicles, boats, helicopters, etc.
  • Licensed vehicles from top brands like Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti, Yamaha, Boeing, etc.
  • Realistic driving physics and detailed interiors for an immersive experience
  • Customize vehicles with body kits, paint jobs, tires, etc.
  • Use vehicles suited to different missions – armored trucks for assaults or motorbikes for chases

As players earn more cash, they can purchase advanced weapons and high-end supercars for an edge over rivals. The mod apk provides everything for free.

Gangstar Vegas 2023 Mod APK Cheats and Hacks

While the mod apk already provides unlimited money and other benefits, players can further exploit cheats and hacks for an easier gameplay experience. However, the use of such cheats has risks.

Some Gangstar Vegas cheats (diamond) include:

  • Unlimited health – Get unlimited health during missions
  • Unlimited ammo – Provides infinite ammo and never has to reload
  • Not wanted – Removes any wanted level or police chase
  • Superpunch – Kill enemies with a single punch

Such cheats can be enabled via apps like Lucky Patcher. While cheats offer a fun advantage, they also remove any challenge in the game. It is recommended to use them only occasionally to spice things up. Overuse of cheats can result in the game becoming boring quickly.

There are also hacking tools and modded apps that claim to provide similar benefits. However, most of these contain malware payloads that can compromise your device’s security and privacy. Avoid downloading such mods or tools from shady websites.

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK vip 10 Review

Having played Gangstar Vegas latest version v6.5.1a for dozens of hours, here is my personal review:


  • Console-quality open-world experience
  • Engaging story and characters
  • Tons of missions and side activities
  • Extremely polished graphics and sound
  • Huge arsenal of weapons and vehicles


  • No multiplayer mode
  • Repetitive mission design
  • Frequent app crashes on older Android versions

Overall, Gangstar Vegas is one of the best action-adventure mobile games out there. The mod apk makes the experience more fun by providing everything for free. I would rate Gangstar Vegas Mod APK latest 4/5 stars.

Compared to other similar games like GTA, Gangstar Vegas has better graphics optimization and less obtrusive microtransactions. The 80+ hours of story content keeps you hooked for weeks. While the missions get repetitive after a while, the changing locales and set-pieces keep things fresh. With the freedom to wreak havoc with unlimited weapons and vehicles, this mod is a must-try!

Install Gangstar Vegas Mod APK Updates

Gangstar Vegas receives periodic updates that introduce new content, gameplay improvements, and technical fixes.

Some major updates for the game include:

  • Biker Update – Added biker gangs and themed missions and vehicles
  • Penthouse Update – Unlocked a new penthouse property with party activities
  • Jailbreak Update – Introduced a new prison map and jailbreak missions
  • Weaponry Update – Added modern military-grade weapons like flamethrowers
  • Radio Update – Introduced over 50 new music tracks across stations

To update Gangstar Vegas Mod APK:

  • Download the latest mod apk and OBB files from trusted sites
  • Uninstall any previous version and delete related data
  • Install the new mod apk and copy over updated OBB files
  • Launch the game to experience the new updates!

Updating provides bug fixes, optimizations, and new content for extended gameplay. Make sure to update regularly.

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK Alternatives

Here are some top alternative open-world action games similar to Gangstar Vegas:

  • GTA San Andreas – The classic GTA game still holds up with its gang wars storyline and RPG progression. Advanced graphics mods make it comparable to newer games. However, the touch controls are awkward.
  • Payback 2 – A top-down action game with a crime story set in Liberty City. Great visuals and responsive controls for mobile. But lacks depth with limited missions and vehicles.
  • Gang Wars – Focuses purely on gang fights with limited stories or missions. Fun in short bursts but gets repetitive. A decent alternative to Gangstar Vegas.
  • Gangs Town Story – A smaller low-poly open world with emphasis on melee combat between rival gangs. Interesting for a brief play but lacks depth.

While few games match up to Gangstar Vegas’s production quality, the titles above provide a similar open-world crime experience. Payback 2 comes closest in terms of gameplay variety. For an authentic grand theft auto feel on mobile, Gangstar Vegas is still the top choice.

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK Advanced Tips and Tricks

Here are some pro tips to master Gangstar Vegas like an expert:

  • Use the Steady Aim skill for greater accuracy with sniper rifles during long-range kills.
  • Purchase the Wingsuit early on for greater mobility to traverse atop tall buildings and structures quickly.
  • Complete the ambulance side missions to get free health packs that will aid during intense firefights.
  • Use silenced pistols for stealth drive-by killings from vehicles to avoid wanted levels.
  • Trigger Rampage mode to get unlimited ammo for a short duration during challenging shootouts.
  • Collect daily rewards of cash and gems that can be used to purchase powerful weapons and vehicles.
  • Acquire properties across the city that provide collectible items and act as safe houses.

Learning skills like rolling, sprinting, and taking cover is key to winning intense gunfight scenarios. Customize weapons for greater stability, accuracy, and damage output. Follow these tips to enjoy hours of mayhem with maximum efficiency!

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK Community

Gangstar Vegas boasts an active community across various social platforms:

  • Reddit – The r/GangstarVegas subreddit has over 2000 members sharing tips, cheats, and game experiences.
  • Facebook – The official Facebook page has over 1M followers and provides game updates and contests.
  • YouTube – Several YouTubers like DroidCheat post-Gangstar Vegas guides, tricks, and gameplay videos.
  • Discord – Some Discord channels like GameLoftED provide active Gangstar Vegas discussion forums.

Joining these groups lets you connect with experienced players, get expert advice, and find like-minded gaming buddies. Being part of the community enhances the overall game experience.


Gangstar Vegas Mod APK offers a truly phenomenal open-world action experience on mobile with its expansive sandbox, gripping story, and console-quality production. The ability to wreak havoc with unlimited money and weapons makes it an absolute joy. Despite some repetitive missions and lack of multiplayer, Gangstar Vegas is a must-play title for any Android gamer looking for grand theft auto thrills on their phone. The active modding community ensures the 6-year-old game continues to feel fresh with regular cheat updates and tweaks. With hundreds of vehicles to collect and a city to explore, Gangstar Vegas will keep you entertained for weeks on end.


What is Gangstar Vegas Mod APK?

Gangstar Vegas Mod APK is a modified version of the original Gangstar Vegas game that offers premium features like unlimited money, weapons, vehicles, etc. for free. It can be downloaded and installed on Android devices.

What are some key features of the mod APK?

Key features include unlimited money, all weapons unlocked, infinite keys and SP, free shopping, and more.

How do you install the mod APK?

To install, first uninstall any previous version, then download and install the mod APK. Also, copy the OBB data files to the required folder.

What gameplay features does Gangstar Vegas offer?

Key gameplay features are 80+ story missions, side activities, a huge open-world map, realistic physics and damage, and detailed environments based on Vegas landmarks.

How good are the graphics and sound in Gangstar Vegas?

The graphics are console-quality with high-resolution textures, dynamic lighting, detailed assets, etc. The sound has 10 radio stations, 150+ soundtracks, voiced cutscenes, and realistic effects.

What are some ways to unlock new characters?

Completing main story missions, improving street cred, finishing taxi missions, and rescuing trapped characters across the city help unlock new characters.

What are some alternative games similar to Gangstar Vegas?

Some good alternatives are GTA San Andreas, Payback 2, Gang Wars, and Gangs Town Story. But Gangstar Vegas is still the best choice.

What are some expert tips for the game?

Useful tips include using skills like Steady Aim and Wingsuit, collecting health packs, using silenced guns, triggering Rampage mode, acquiring properties, etc.

What online GV communities exist?

There is a subreddit, official Facebook page, YouTube channels, and Discord servers where fans discuss the game.

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