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Apk name iOS Emojis For Android
MOD info Latest
Size 41,2 MB
Publisher Yura
Genre Apps
Last Version: 2.0.5
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Update Date: 07.05.2024
Rated for: 12+ years
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The description of iOS Emojis For Android

The “iOS Emojis for Android” app solves the issue of different emoji designs between Android and iOS by allowing Android users to enjoy the sleek, quality, and creativity in emoji that is typical to Apple’s iPhones and iPads. The emojis integration provides a homogeneous view of emojis regardless of the platform one is using to enhance digital speech.

Emojis have been a revolution in digital communication as they try to encapsulate phrases and tones in short, colorful icons. By giving the experience of working with iOS emojis, the user experience will be familiar, giving you ease, especially while working with its users.

Where to Download

The app can be easily downloaded from the Android Google Play store, and make sure that you select the newest version for full performance and the newest emojis.

Screenshot iOS Emojis For Android application

How to install

  1. Visit the app store and search for “iOS Emojis on Android.”
  2. Click Install on the app.
  3. Once the app is installed, open it from the app tray.
  4. It will prompt you to enable the necessary permissions to do so.
  5. Follow the prompts on the app to set the new keyboard as your default.

There are many more options, ranging from the background and themes.

Compatibility is Key

Before downloading and installing the “iOS Emojis for Android” app on your device, it is essential to consider compatibility. The app is most effective whenever it is integrated into specific Android devices running the latest OS. Be sure to check your smartphone’s system settings to ensure that the emojis are installed without operational limitations. This will ensure a seamless process as you enjoy the iOS-styled emojis without any form of interruptions.

Screenshot iOS Emojis For Android Apps

The User Interface

The user interface of the app is a critical factor that champions the ease of navigation and customization. The latter implies that regardless of whether you are a technical person or not, the layout is so simple that once the application is installed, you will have the rarest of hard times customizing the emojis of your choice.

The rationale recommends that the user interface should be simple such that minimal technical diagnosis is needed before one is able to operate. Additionally, it reduces operational costs through the ease of customization.


The developers of the “iOS Emojis for Android” app take the privacy and security of your data into consideration. Therefore, the app does not collect your personal information unless you consent to it, and further, the permissions of the app are limited to its optimal operation. Understanding and being aware of the app’s privacy policy acts as an assurance that one’s data is in safe hands even when using the app.

Screenshot iOS Emojis For Android


The “iOS Emojis for Android” app is a must-have for all Android users who love the style and consistency of the emojis. It transforms the way you use the emojis and the overall messaging experience in different areas.

Whether typing on Facebook or sending a message across different platforms, the emojis you wish to use are uniform and consistent. It is like owning a unique brand of keyboard, which is mostly your first impression in chats. Whether you are on duty sending some staff or just at home texting, the iOS Emojis for Android improve your messages.

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