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Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD (Free Craft)

Last Day on Earth Survival MOD Last Day on Earth Survival Android Last Day on Earth Survival hacked

The description of Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth (hacked) on android – action-survival with non-trivial gameplay, original story solutions and colourful graphics. Frequent updates made it a worthy competitor among post-apocalyptic projects on mobile devices. The developers are trying to bring more and more daring decisions into the game, new elements are added that allow expanding the boundaries of the virtual world, due to which the last day on Earth acquires thousands of fans among gamers.

The story of the character begins with the time when the world finally and irrevocably suffered major changes. The virus infected people, this epidemic quickly swept the planet, because of which humanity has become a zombie. The earth perishes, turning into a desert unfit for life. Regardless of the simplicity of the story, with each new level the player faces more and more often with new and more complex tasks, from the correct decision of which the future fate of the character depends.

The main thing – security, because behind your territory hundreds of thousands of walking the dead walk. Start with erecting barricades and fences, set traps. All that you can find, suitable for use, thanks to a well-written system of crafting. Find the seeds of different cultures and plant the territory so that you always have food, dig wells and create your first weapon to hunt animals in the forests.

Behind the fence there is a danger, there is even air suffocating. Do not forget to constantly look around, because you can be watched and not only by zombies. You are not the last person on the planet, there are other survivors, possibly entire settlements. However, do not be happy if you meet a nice stranger who will offer to be rescued from the zombie-apocalypse together. Most likely, such a person robs you, and even worse. All the survivors are other players, so you can not predict the course of their actions.

Last Day on Earth – an entertaining activity, where you can not make rash actions, because they will depend on the fate of the character. Pleasant graphics and hundreds of opportunities for survival will force you to find a lot of solutions. We also offer you to download one of the hacking games that will allow us to simplify the task a little:

  • Fashion for endless crafting will create much better tools and weapons;
  • mod much money will accelerate the raising of the rating and will enable you to acquire the best items;
  • the mode of immortality will give an indisputable advantage over enemies.

Download the hacked version of the game Last Day on Earth: Survival on android c modem a lot of money you can from our site!

Instructions for installing mods for Last Day on Earth (latest version 1.9.7):

  • run Lucky Patcher;
  • go to the menu of this game;
  • select Patch to Android;
  • select Disable .apk Signature Verification and click apply;
  • install apk, run the game!

Installation instructions for Backup (backup / save):

  • download the original apk game file;
  • install and play a couple of minutes in the game;
  • close the game through the application manager, and then go to the android/data folder and delete zombie.survival.craft.z;
  • download the current backup (see the backup file below) (at the moment we have backup up to 99 levels);
  • go into the android/data folder and extract the downloaded backup, with the modified save;
  • Start the game and play.

The current code from the Alpha bunker for today is July 24, 2018: 39934

* If the game stops loading, do everything according to the instructions a couple of times (on each device in different ways, some start all the first time, others have to play to run).
How to pass through walls?

How to install:

  1. download the .apk file Last Day on Earth: Survival;
  2. download the cache for the game;
  3. install the game;
  4. unpack the cache into the / sdcard / android / obb / directory (the full path should look like this: / sdcard / android / obb / zombie.survival.craft.z /) 
  5. run and play.

For a successful installation, you need 87.47 Mb + 87.47 Mb of free space.

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD (Free Craft)

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.16.4 (48,9 MB) Download Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.16.4 (Free Craft) (49,1 MB) Download Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.16.3 (48,9 MB) Download Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.16.3 (Free Craft) (250,8 MB) Download Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.9.7 (original) (87.5 MB) Download Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.9.7 (mega mod cache is not needed) (136.5 MB) Download Last Day on Earth: Survival level 99 unlimited coins hp (2.9 MB) Download Last Day on Earth: Survival backup 99 uroven level 99 chopper atv (3.1 MB) Download Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.9.7 (cache) (70.1 MB)
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