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The description of My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela mod apk (Unlimited Money) for Android is gossip that allows you to bring up your virtual pet right on your mobile device. It is easy to guess that this project’s concept is almost identical to the well-known children’s game My Talking Tom, where we raised a cat named Tom. The app is great for girls who have long dreamed of a pet, but the house has no place for cats. Thus, parents can solve the problem and raise a caring child because the pet, first of all, teaches responsibility.

Spending only an hour per day – you can grow in your smartphone a real fluffy miracle. Angela loves milk and talk. She will grow up and will have to buy clothes for her to feel your concern. Care for her, walk, make friends, play, and arrange to sleep. She will be a great friend to you.

Many items in the game are available in the virtual market. Of course, you need to pay real money for them. Angela loves to dress and eat deliciously, but to secure her, you need a lot of financial resources. Therefore, mods are added to our website that solves all your problems. By setting the My Talking Angela mod apk – you get endless crystals and coins. We will also tell you how you can go directly to any of the levels in the game.

Remember !!! To take advantage of the presented mods, you must get root privileges. In case you do not have superuser rights, we advise you to contact them. How to activate downloaded modes and get the above benefits?

Mod “many coins”:

  • Download the Game Guardian application, install it, then launch and enter our game My Talking Angela.
  • Let’s say we have 200 coins in our account. Enter this amount in the “Search” search column in the Game Guardian program and click on “Size”, then click on “4 bytes”. After this manipulation, the Search for suitable values ​​will begin.
  • Enter the game store in Talking Angela and buy a small amount of food (this is necessary to reduce the number of coins in the account).
  • Go back to the GG application and drive in the “search” column the number of coins remaining after the purchase (for example – 196).
  • Click “Search”, after which the program should find several files with a similar value at once.
  • In turn, open each of the found files and edit the amount specified in them for the one we need. This may be a maximum of the eight-digit amount. Important! Enter the same numbers, for example, 9999999.
  • After entering the number, confirm the choice with the “Yes” button.
  • We enter the game market and buy something. After the first purchase, we see that the amount of cash has increased.

Mod “a lot of crystals”:

  • Here we also need the Game Guardian utility. If it is already installed on the smartphone – launch it (there is no need to download again) and go to the game My Talking Angela.
  • In the Search search, enter the number of crystals (for example, 10), click on Size, and just like in the previous settings, select 4 bytes.
  • We enter the game store and spend a small number of crystals by buying some potion.
  • Open our GG application again and enter the number of crystals remaining in the Search column. Several files with the same numbers may appear in the search at once – in this case, repeat the procedure.
  • Edit our number of crystals to the value we need (as in the example with coins) and confirm by pressing the Yes button.
  • We enter the gaming market, and after the first purchase, we observe how the number of our crystals on the balance increases.

Work with burglary “at any level”:

  • The operation with the Game Guardian application is identical to the two previous examples. If the program is downloaded, launch it and enter the game.
  • It is important to remember at what level we stopped. Enter the number of the story in search and set the Size (Size) to the mark of 4 bytes.
  • The search gives the result at once in several values ​​(there may be more than a dozen).
  • After the operation, we need to go up one level. Just helping her brush her teeth, feed her, play and stuff.
  • Moved to a new level – open GG again and drove in the “Search” column the number responsible for the new group. There should be no more than three identical files. If there are more values, type a new level in the game until 2-3 files are displayed in the search.
  • If it works out – we edit all the files to the desired level (for example, 999 or which one we need) and confirm the action by clicking “Yes”.
  • We reach a new level in the game and see how, in the end, it acquires the value we entered earlier.
  • In the My Talking Angela application, advertising is entirely disabled. All items and food are open. Successful hacks and enjoyable time in the game.

Download the hacked version of My Talking Angela mod apk on Android with a mod a lot of money can be from our website, using the link below.

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Download My Talking Angela MOD (Unlimited Money)

Download My Talking Angela v6.5.0.4508 Mod (Unlimited Money) (97,6 MB) Download My Talking Angela v6.4.0.4321 Mod (Unlimited Money) (97,6 MB) Download My Talking Angela v6.3.0.4171 Mod (Unlimited Money) (96 MB) Download My Talking Angela v6.1.3.3859 Mod (Unlimited Money) (96,4 MB) Download My Talking Angela v6.1.2.3834 Mod (Unlimited Money) (96,4 MB) Download My Talking Angela v6.1.1.3784 Mod (Unlimited Money) (96,3 MB)
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    Angela hack game and diamonds and coins

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