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The description of GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA Liberty City Stories cheats (Sprint/Money) is one of the most popular gaming projects (such as Grand Theft Auto Vice City, GTA San Andreas, etc.), which are so well known that they no longer require an introduction. Most of the users have already had time to get acquainted with GTA games on the computer. As in the stories of games of this nature, you begin your adventure in the person of the main character Tony, a former “soldier” of the mafia family Leone. The hero arrives in GTA 5 liberty city and realizes that his homeland is buried in blood and warriors between gangs, literally cutting through the city streets. The player will be obliged to return the former greatness and influence of his family.

But it will be extremely difficult to pull off the plan. On the way to your formation, will stand not only serious bandits, mercenaries and bribery police, but even close relatives! Are you ready to ride through the streets of your home town again? The policemen, who are now afraid to take an extra step without the order of their superiors, have been working for mafia families for a long time. In the city there is a new power in the city, which now everyone has to reckon with. But he who lives according to the laws of the local lands, is well aware of who the local rulers are, and what to do not to fall under their rule.

Canulo is four years old from the very time when the protagonist of the game GTA: Liberty City Stories mod by the name of Tony Sirpini got rid of the head of one of the mafia families. After those events, he was followed, but the search eventually failed. Tony believed that now he would finally get out of this damn place and never come back. But now he is ready to go back to the old places, and to take on the hard work. By putting his life on the line, the hero will build up his own influence, killing dangerous people, intimidation and hijacking. We will not limit our freedom of decision. But we shouldn’t kill innocent people, either, because it can attract the attention of the police, and they won’t ceremony with us anymore.

As soon as we return to our hometown, this will be reported to our enemies at the same time. And it is clear at once that they will not want to do business with us, but will simply kill us. Our hero has ruled this place for a very long time, so he knows how to cope with absolutely any enemy. We will need to go through a lot of cool story tasks. And if some of them are very easy and do not require any special skills from the user, then after a while it will become clear that all these tasks are only the beginning of a hard ascent to Olympus. It is necessary to deal with unfinished business. And for this you will have to get dirty in the blood. Without strong support in this area it will be very difficult.

Features of the application GTA Liberty City Stories:

  • Large selection of firearms, which have always differed series GTA;
  • Interesting story of the protagonist and a great variety of secondary characters;
  • High quality drawn textures;
  • Cross-platform data storage;
  • Possibility to connect a joystick for the game.

Download GTA Liberty City Stories MOD (Sprint/Money)

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