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The description of World Conqueror 3

World Conqueror 3 mod apk – the game from the first minute produces players in the rank of commander in chief, who will be in the hands of all the armed forces of the country. Although at the starting level these strengths will be few, and to a large extent consist of young recruits, and not of fearless warriors, you are the legendary leader who can teach these people all the subtleties of military craft and turn them into the most dangerous army will plunge the entire planet into fear. To achieve unsurpassed results, you need loyal assistants – military advisers and smart generals.

Search for them will have among the honors of the military academy. Leaders are also divided into several types depending on the nature of the assignment of troops and the list of personal merits of each representative. In total there will be more than two hundred of them, and they are the most privileged commanders of the past century.

Each person stands at the very beginning of his career, and you will need to grow the best leaders from them, improving your personal indicators and pumping abilities. World Conqueror 3 mod – these are three dozen irresistible military companies that will allow you to conquer the nearby states, islands, and after that, the whole world. The plot is on the exact chronological list and is consistent with all the events that took place in world history. Spend hundreds of missions in which you will have to emerge victoriously. Discover new achievements and engage in advanced equipment.

Only your tactics will help you to make a great career as a military leader, and therefore your troops will acquire the best commanders who will give you victory every time. The game is the most large-scale strategic project in which hundreds of countries will be involved in a war. Your battlefield is a world map with conditional troops and important objects. All the battles in World Conqueror 3 hack apk take place in a methodical, step-by-step style: you will control combat forces, acquire new types of weapons, learn advanced technologies, and carry out lightning attacks.

The game will force its users to reflect on tactics – this fact will appeal to lovers of complex strategies. The game shows three types of difficulty passing. Choose the most comfortable style in which you can easily defeat your opponent, earn rare medals, and reach the highest military ranks.

The main features of the game World Conqueror 3 cheats:

  • The legendary generals of the past century;
  • Deployed hostilities on the world map;
  • Dynamic strategy in step by step style;
  • Three dozen campaigns and more than a hundred combat missions;
  • Branching of power at every level;
  • Sly adversaries with their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Unforeseen plot twists, depending on your actions;
  • Adjusting the difficulty of passing.

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