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Apk name Age of Origins
MOD info Full
Size 951,1 MB
Publisher Yura
Genre Action Strategy
Last Version: 1.3.699
Requirements: Android 5.1+
Update Date: 21.02.2024
Rated for: 7+ years
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The description of Age of Origins

Human civilization was thriving until the zombie apocalypse threw humanity into the dark ages. Now, as the commander of a shelter, you must gather resources, build defenses, and form alliances to rebuild and reclaim the world from the mutant zombies. Age of Origins is a gritty zombie strategy MMO for Android.

Surviving the Zombie Threat Age of Origins

The zombie apocalypse wasn’t kind to humanity. Killer zombies have overrun cities and towns across the globe, leaving nothing but death and destruction in their wake. As a survivor, you must build up your shelter, rally troop units, and defend against the unrelenting waves of zombies trying to break through your walls and feast on your brains.

The zombies in the Age of Origins are ruthless, mindless killing machines. There are many different types, from your standard walkers to huge titan zombies and undead animals like zombie bears. Some are faster, while others are armed with deadly chainsaws. Each wave brings stronger and more dangerous zombies hungry for human flesh. You’ll need to strategically place machine guns, laser turrets, and mines to hold off the horde. Upgrade your defenses over time to combat the increasingly difficult threats.

Resources are scarce in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Farming, mining, and scavenging are essential to gather food, materials for building, and supplies to craft weapons and new technologies. Send resource-gathering parties outside your walls at your own risk. The rewards may be great, but zombie ambushes are frequent. Manage these resources wisely for the long-term survival of your shelter.

Rebuilding Human Civilization

While defending against the zombie threat, your ultimate goal is to rebuild human civilization to its former glory. Manage relationships with other human survivor shelters and form alliances. There is strength in numbers, and united shelters can better fend off zombies and support each other with trade. But beware of backstabbers only looking out for themselves.

Explore the world map and expand the territory of your shelter by conquering abandoned towns and cities. Build up farms, hospitals, police stations, factories, and other important buildings. Take over strategic resources to upgrade your shelter, train survivors with useful skills, and boost your defenses. Discover powerful new technologies in labs to turn the tide against the zombie swarms. Unlock electricity to power turrets and lighting that keep the shelter safe at night.

The more your shelter grows, the more you can accomplish in the Age of z Origins. Construct an impressive capital city with upgraded building types and advanced resources. Attract new survivors looking for safety and a place to call home. Raid other players’ shelter towns, or defend your own in epic clan wars that span the globe. Unite with other commanders to eliminate high-level zombies and mutant bosses terrorizing the world. The fate of human civilization rests in your hands.

Key Features Age of Origins APK for Android

  • Build a shelter city and manage resources & defenses against zombie attack waves
  • Explore a post-apocalyptic world map and conquer territories
  • Form alliances with real players and join in clan wars
  • Discover technologies to improve buildings, troop units, and weapons
  • Gather supplies from farms, mines, labs, and zombie-infested cities
  • Engage in PvP battles to steal resources from other players
  • Rescue survivors and invite them to live and work in your shelter
  • Special zombie events with bosses, hoards, and changing weather conditions
  • Optimize resource management and base-building strategy to expand your empire

Surviving a Dangerous World Age of Origins

The zombie apocalypse may have led to the collapse of civilization, but pockets of humanity survive all over the world. As the commander of one of these shelters, you are tasked with rebuilding society in a harsh zombie-infested wasteland. It won’t be easy holding off the undead while also growing a thriving shelter. Here are some tips for survival in Age of Origins:

  • Prioritize building troop units and defenses early. Protecting your shelter is a top priority.
  • Scout the map and build farms/mines to collect important resources. Farms provide food and mines offer building materials.
  • Rescue survivors whenever possible and put them to work on resource production. More workers means more output.
  • Form alliances with other players for trade, shared defenses, and strength in numbers. Coordinate attacks with allies.
  • Upgrade resource buildings first. Higher levels produce more materials to build up your shelter faster.
  • Research tech upgrades that improve production, unlock advanced buildings and boost your troops.
  • Strike a balance between troop training, base defense, and resource production based on your current needs and weaknesses.
  • Defend against zombies, but also go on the offense. Raid rival shelters and seize territory to gain resources.
  • Spend money and speed up production wisely. Use it when the advantages outweigh the costs.
  • Have patience. Rebuilding civilization amidst a zombie apocalypse will take time. Persist and your empire will thrive!


Age of Origins offers a fresh zombie survival game focused on building up your shelter and re-establishing human civilization in a post-apocalyptic world. With familiar mechanics like base building, resource management, technology research, and defense from zombie attack waves, it also innovates the genre with features like exploring a real-world map, forming alliances, raiding other players, and engaging in massive clan wars.

Take charge of a struggling shelter and guide the survivors in the fight against the zombies. Build up your empire and wage war against other players in the struggle to dominate the world map. Unlock new technologies, expand your territory, form alliances, and ultimately work to rebuild human society in a harsh zombie wasteland. If you enjoy gritty and strategic zombie games, Age of Origins mod is an addictive survival game for Android not to be missed!


What are the different types of resources you need to manage in the Age of Origins?

The main resources are food, wood, stone, metal, money, oil, electricity, and knowledge. Food keeps your shelter citizens alive, wood/stone/metal are used for building and crafting, money buys items and speeds up processes, oil powers more advanced buildings, electricity keeps things running, and knowledge unlocks new technologies.

Can you play Age of Origins offline or do you need an internet connection?

An internet connection is required to play, as it is an online multiplayer strategy game. This allows features like real-time chat, forming alliances with other players, and participating in clan wars. But the internet is not needed for core gameplay like building your shelter, combat, and resource management.

How do you defend your shelter from zombie attacks?

Building walls, guard towers, traps, and defensive structures is key. Stationing troop units like riflemen, grenadiers, snipers, and medics at strategic points strengthens your defenses. You can also utilize mortars, machine guns, turrets, electric fences, and mines to hold off zombies. Upgrading everything over time is important to counter increasing zombie threats.

Is there a campaign mode or is it mainly sandbox survival gameplay?

There is no set campaign. The core gameplay is sandbox survival, building your shelter and forces while managing resources and technology. However, there are story events like rescuing survivors, eliminating zombie bosses, and securing relics that provide some guiding objectives to work towards while you expand your empire.

How many players can be in an alliance at once?

You can have up to 50 players in a single alliance. Alliances allow you to trade resources with other players, help defend each other's shelters, and coordinate attacks against rivals. There are also larger federations that alliances can band together into for huge multi-alliance wars.

Can you play Age of Origins on iOS or is it just for Android?

Age of Origins is currently only available for Android devices. The game cannot be played on iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad at this time. The developers have not announced plans to release an iOS version.

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