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Apk name Pokémon GO
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Size 137,4 MB
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Genre Adventure
Last Version: 0.305.0
Requirements: Android 7.0+
Update Date: 17.04.2024
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The description of Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go took the world by storm when it launched in 2016, combining augmented reality and geolocation to create a real-world Pokemon-catching experience. Now in 2024, Pokemon Go remains hugely popular with diehard fans constantly searching for new hacks and cheats to help them catch elusive Pokemon and dominate gyms. This article will explore the latest Pokemon Go hacks for 2024 on both Android and iOS, focusing on spoofing GPS location, joystick navigation, and finding new ways to cheat and gain an advantage over other players.

GPS Spoofing – Tricking Pokemon Go with Fake Locations cheat

Pokemon Go Hacks

One of the most powerful Pokemon Go hacks is GPS spoofing – faking your location within the game by overriding the GPS data on your device. With GPS spoofing, Pokemon Go players can roam anywhere in the world from the comfort of their homes in search of rare regional exclusive Pokemon, remote gyms to conquer, and abundant Pokestop clusters to grind for items.

Some popular GPS Pokemon Go spoofer apps and methods in 2024 include:

  • Fake GPS Go (Android) – The most downloaded spoofer on Android now with excellent joystick support
  • iSpoofer (iOS) – iOS spoofing done right with the spoofer mod and enhancing tweaks
  • PGSharp (Android) – Feature-packed spoofing app with an auto walk, shiny detectors, and excellent throw assists
  • ** modifying device location services** – Advance users can directly override GPS data at the device level

With GPS spoofing power in hand for 2024, Pokemon Go players have the ultimate hack to go anywhere and catch anything.

Joystick Navigation – Pokemon Go Your Way

Pokemon Go Hacks Pokemon Go Hacks

Closely tied to GPS spoofing, joystick navigation hacks allow Pokemon Go players to navigate their character in-game using an on-screen joystick instead of physically walking in real life. This allows you to remain stationary with some key benefits:

  • Walk endless distances without moving to catch Pokemon effortlessly
  • Use the joystick to precision land Great/Excellent throws to better catch Pokemon
  • Access difficult terrain areas impossible to physically reach

Some ways joystick navigation is achieved by hackers in 2024 are:

  • Enabled joysticks in GPS spoofing apps
  • Separate joystick apps to override walking (Android only)
  • Gamepads and controllers paired to trigger joystick input

With these joystick hacks, playing Pokemon Go cheat codes on your terms has never been simpler. Walk the streets of Tokyo, and sprint through dense forests – no problem for joystick masters!

Technical Manipulation Hacks

Pokemon Go Hacks Pokemon Go Hacks


For true techies, direct manipulation of the game at the application level provides more options, but requires specialized knowledge. Examples of technical app manipulation include:

  • Memory editors and injected game libraries to override catch rates
  • Bots based on accessed Pokemon Go APIs to auto-walk/catch without human input
  • Modified game clients with cheats embedded and signature spoofing

However, direct technical access to the game violates the terms of service and often requires users to root/jailbreak devices, which carries security risks. Despite its incredible power, technical manipulation is recommended only for experienced hackers.

Conclusion Pokémon Go hack

As we enter 2024, plenty of avenues exist for Pokemon Go hackers and cheaters to gain an advantage over regular players just going for a stroll. Spoofing and joystick hacks open worlds of possibility to catch elusive Pokemon without leaving your sofa. Technical masterminds can directly tap into the game to auto-catch and manipulate at will. But while tempting, bypassing the rules set by Niantic using any hacks or cheats risks account punishment if caught – so enjoy your advantage cautiously!

Download Pokemon Go Hacks / Cheat 2024

Download Pokémon GO v0.305.0 (Original Google Play) (137,4 MB) Download Pokémon GO v0.303.2 Mod (Mega Menu/Teleport/Joystick & More) (325,1 MB)
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