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Apk name Adventure Escape Mysteries
MOD info Stars/Hints/Keys
Size 123,8 MB
Publisher Yura
Genre Adventure
Last Version: 28.00
Requirements: Android 6.0+
Update Date: 16.04.2024
Rated for: 16+ years
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The description of Adventure Escape Mysteries

If you like to watch or read detectives, why not participate in a murder investigation in absentia? That’s what Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker is offering us. The elusive Trapmaker committed the crime, so how do we find him, who’s hiding under the hood? You’ll have to find out who’s hiding underneath the hood by visiting several locations and meeting some unusual characters.

The disadvantages are the lack of the Russian language. But the basic knowledge of English is enough for a comfortable game as you go through the difficulties that we have tried to overcome for you. Let’s go.

The first chapter of Adventure Escape Mysteries is Trapmaker:

  • Kate and Murphy should investigate a murder on display. Follow the instructions. Use the police tape on the post to secure the crime scene.
  • On the desk there is a piece of paper, remember the number 3146.
  • Place the power knobs on these numbers.
  • Look at the dead body. The letters IT are visible on the glass.
  • These letters are the key. Extinguish all unnecessary messages in words AIRTIGHT SECURITY. Screen!
  • Go inside the room, and the door will close behind you.
  • Turn the body over. Find two chips, the third in your hand, the fourth in your pants pocket, and the fifth on the back of your badge. Take the wrapper out of your shirt pocket, the pliers out of your jacket pocket. Lift the shirt and use them to open the lock and find scissors. Remove the tie and cufflink from your right hand.
  • Consider the tie. It has a tip on how to open a glass box with a bag of money. Set the switches using the link. The box will open.
  • Move the bag, open it with scissors, and take out the letter A. Unscrew the pedestal. We need a six-digit code.
  • Note what the loudspeaker says – you are the number 2 winner. Step on it and find out about your last winnings seven days ago. Tap again, and you’ll get $4999 in winnings. Add up all the numbers, and you get 274999. Open the lock, take the sixth chip. Underneath it is the emergency exit button.
  • Remove the floorboards to the left of the poster and place six chips, a cufflink, and a wrapper in the scheme. Feed the current as shown below, and press the emergency exit button. The door will open.

Chapter Two of Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker:

  1. You need to question Constantine Harris, the guy whose business card was on the dead man. Turn on the lights at the door, move the chair to the table, and raise the blinds. The suspect will sit down.
  2. Click on the man, and the interview will begin. Ask questions in this order:
  3. Where are you from? (second option)
  4. Did you know the deceased?
  5. Call a lawyer.
  6. Your prints are on Frank’s tie.
  7. Constantine will give you the card.
  8. Please place it in the code lock on the door. By turning it in, you can find out that the password is 9539. Slide the card and enter the code.
  9. Come in, take a T-shirt and a cord. Please insert it into the projector from the first room. Wipe the lens with a T-shirt.
  10. Go back to the control room and solve the puzzle with the eagle. When the program starts, point the camera at the face of the person being interrogated. Information about the eagle will appear. Constantine “CONNO” was in Coldwater prison, Blue Rock, Alaska, for conspiracy and fraud.
  11. We are interested in his nickname CONNO and use it to unlock the yellow suitcase lock. It’s just summer stuff. Find a portable lie detector and napkin. Place them in a room with a man.
  12. In the app, set the lowest temperature, blue, prison music, and a picture of the prison.
  13. Talk to Constantine, select the second statement about the problem. From the dialog, we will learn about the secret pocket in the luggage. Go back to the yellow suitcase, check the part near the wheels inside the flash drive and the documents.
  14. Inspect them and insert the flash drive into the program with the eagle, and the cipher will appear, which can be opened with three symbols.

To get to know him again by having a conversation with the suspect:

  • You were with the deceased in CED (fourth option)
  • Your detector will tell you you’re lying (option four)
  • Cry Konno (fourth option)
  • I joined the cult undercover.
  • Constantine will talk about his favorite spy, Z19. That’s the code.
  • Please enter it in the wheel. You have an encrypted word. Spin the wheel, stopping at each character. You get the word TRAPMAKER.
  • Again, arrange the interrogation by repeating the first three phrases from the step above. Fourth, select the third option (TRAPMAKER). Constantine confesses to everything, but the murderer will appear, and you will be kidnapped.

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